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April 5, 2023

Filipinos Now Open To EVs, Online Vehicle Purchase

As concerns over climate change continue to grow, a majority of Filipinos now believe that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation and a key to a sustainable environment. The findings were revealed in a recent poll conducted by Standard Insights.

Standard Insights is a consumer intelligence company that leverages AI-powered algorithms and the latest ad-tech systems to get in the minds of “real consumers.”

Out of the more than a thousand Filipinos polled last November, public transportation is still the main mode of transportation utilized by citizens. This includes buses, jeepneys, taxis, and a variety of other forms of mass transit. While there are many private vehicles in the country, particularly in more affluent areas, public transport is still seen as the most practical and cost-effective option for getting around. Indeed, about 59.5 percent of Filipino citizens travel by public transportation. This number is much higher in the NCR—where 73 percent of those surveyed rely on public transportation.

When it comes to the future of transportation, an overwhelming (93.63 percent) believe that EVs are the way to go—50.8 percent completely agree, 42.81 percent somewhat agree, 4.74 percent somewhat disagree, and just 1.63 percent completely disagree. This widespread acceptance of electric vehicles is encouraging news for the transportation sector in the Philippines.

Men were found to have a higher acceptance rate than women. 50.8 percent of male respondents completely agreed, while only 33.3 percent of female respondents shared the same sentiment. This indicates a gender gap in the acceptance of electric vehicles as a transportation option in this country.

However, because of the current lack of charging infrastructure, when asked on their preference in purchasing their next vehicle, 25.98 percent said they would go for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), while 21.73 percent would go for a full EV. 22.55 percent would go for diesel, while just 10.62 percent would go for a pure gas setup. There is a noticeable gender gap in these results, however, as 28.2 percent of male respondents prefer hybrid vehicles, while 28.3 percent of female respondents prefer diesel vehicles for their transportation needs.

Interestingly, when asked for their preferred channel to buy a new car, 61.9 percent of respondents are likely to purchase their new vehicle online from a verified dealership or platform, with male respondents (67 percent) being more likely to do so than female respondents (55.9 percent). On the other hand, 29.3 percent of all respondents indicated that they are not very likely to purchase their vehicles online.

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