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July 3, 2023

Mitsubishi's Made For ASEAN Compact SUV To Have Top-Class Ground Clearance, 4 Driving Modes (w/ Video)

The date is finally set: Mitsubishi Motors will be releasing its new compact SUV developed for the ASEAN market on August 10.

After showing it off as the XFC Concept, Mitsubishi is releasing tidbit after tidbit about its all-new production SUV offering. This time, the carmaker has confirmed that it will have a top-class ground clearance of 222 mm. This will allow drivers to have added confidence when handling rough roads.
On top of that, it’ll have four driving modes—Normal, Wet, Gravel, and Mud. Wet Mode, a Mitsubishi first, makes it less likely to lose control of the steering wheel and allows for worry-free driving even on roads flooded by sudden showers.

The yet-unnamed SUV (there are not-so-subtle Xs in the teaser video though), will also have Active Yaw Control. This improves controllability by adjusting the driving force on the front left and right wheels; traction control, which controls skidding of the tires; engine control; and power steering control.

Through joint development with Yamaha, the inside of the vehicle will serve as the listening room by optimally enhancing the sound quality itself (not just volume). This allows the stock speakers to deliver what Mitsubishi calls lively bass and clear mid- and high-tones even when driving on a rough surface.

New for this teaser, however, is the first glimpse at the new infotainment system. It looks to a large, free-standing unit.

Mitsubishi is certainly on a role. Aside from the all-new compact SUV, the all-new Triton (Strada) will mark its global debut on July 26.

You can check out the teaser video below.


  1. I wonder what difference those drive modes would actually make in the real world considering it will likely be FWD. It could be AWD and that would be amazing, but considering how the AllGrip Vitara sold, it is very unlikely. Based on the picture of the infotainment system, the gauges are laid out in a very similar way to the Stargazer where a huge bezel surrounds the gauges. I'm not a fan of this design and I think many would agree with me.

    I also hope Mitsubishi comes up with an actually good name for this thing. The "Xpander" was and honestly still is polarizing, despite already being a household name.

  2. Hope the joint development with Yamaha will make this into a special product.

  3. Good focus. Consumers are buying SUVs not for offroading but for wading through flood waters to get home. SUV are getting too big when PH roads and parking spaces do not.


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