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February 27, 2019

Filipino Among Lexus Design 2019 Finalists

Lexus announced the names of the 6 Lexus Design Award finalists for 2019. This year’s finalists employed technology in even more creative ways to spark new ideas and conceptualize transformative solutions that have the power to change lives. Most of the solution concepts below looked to address the challenges of tomorrow today including biodegradable materials, renewable energy sources, and reduction of our carbon footprint.

The 6 finalists are:
  • Algorithmic Lace, Lisa Marks (USA); A 3D-custom lace bra for breast cancer survivors.
  • Arenophile, Rezzan Hasoglu (Turkey / Country of Residence: UK); A project exploring desert sand with different binding materials to create products.
  • Baluto, Jeffrey E. Dela Cruz (Philippines); A modular housing system designed to withstand earthquakes and high floods.
  • Green Blast Jet Energy, Dmitriy Balashov (Russia); A turbine that collects and converts aircraft jet blast to energy during take-off.
  • Hydrus, Shuzhan Yuan (China); An emergency treatment equipment offshore oil spills that increase work efficiency.
  • Solgami, Prevalent (Ben Berwick) (Australia); A window blind that generates electricity and increases internal illumination.
Jeffrey Dela Cruz, an Architecture Graduate from Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines says his work interprets Filipino architectural designs and is inspired by indigenous forms, materials and constructions.

According to technologist and 2019 LDA judge, John Maeda, “This year’s submissions revealed a strong awareness of the connectedness of our world and the need for increased social consciousness.” Speaking more on the transformation happening in the area of design thinking, he said, “It’s clear that the fusion of classical design and computational design is now happening especially in the minds of designers looking to solve our world’s biggest problems. I’m optimistic that as we continue to nurture and embrace this new generation of designers, we’ll see a better tomorrow.”

Last month, the finalists engaged in a 2-day mentoring workshop at the recently opened Intersect by Lexus brand space in the heart of New York’s Meatpacking District. Here, four globally acclaimed designers: Jessica Rosenkrantz, Shohei Shigematsu, Sebastian Wrong, and Jaime Hayon offered inspiration and their diverse expertise to kick-off and prepare the finalists to start creating their prototypes. Hayon, who served as a judge on the first Lexus Design Award in 2013, returns as a mentor this year, and said: “The finalist’s ideas are very interesting, and some are truly breaking boundaries. Through the mentoring workshop, I myself was also inspired by interacting with a different generation who looks at technology for the 21st century from a fresh angle. Further the varied backgrounds of the mentors made the whole project richer.” He added, “Milan Design Week is a big boom of ideas and a wonderful environment for an international exchange of creativity, a perfect place for the finalists to show courage and challenge this great opportunity.”

Following the inspiring and highly valuable workshop, finalists will have ongoing access to each mentor as they develop their prototypes during the months leading up to Milan Design Week in April. Their prototypes will then be displayed at the Lexus event space in Milan I April. Prototypes will be judge by 4 world-renown design leaders and select the Lexus Design Award 2019 Grand Prix winner.

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