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February 13, 2019

Honda Cars Philippines Brings Down Prices of CR-V, Civic, City, BR-V, and Mobilio for a Limited Time

Honda Cars Philippines wants you to celebrate Valentines’ by getting the Honda you’ve always wanted at a price that’s been made more affordable. Starting on Valentine’s Day (February 14) up to Sunday, February 17, Honda is giving discounts up to P 80,000 on select models and variants.

For Honda’s bestselling sedans, both the City and Civic will be offered with exclusive discounts during Honda’s 4-day sale. A discount of P 35,000 will be available for the 1.5 E CVT and 1.5 VX Navi CVT variants of the City as well as the 1.8 E CVT and 1.5 RS Navi CVT variants of the Civic, making Honda’s bestselling sedans now made more affordable for customers.

Aside from the City and Civic, a wide array of discounts for Honda’s 7-seater models are also available at this month’s 4-day sale event. Honda’s affordable 7-seater SUV, the BR-V will be offered with a discount of up to P 40,000 for the 1.5 S CVT and 1.5 V Navi CVT variants, while the 7-seater MPV, the Mobilio gets a P 30,000 discount for the 1.5 V CVT variant.

The CR-V on the other hand will also be getting big discount offers on its select 7-Seater diesel SUV variants. The 1.6 V DSL 9AT variant will be available with a P 80,000 discount and P 70,000 for the 1.6 S DSL 9AT variant.

This may be the best time for customers to finally visit any Honda dealership nationwide and inquire about the Exclusive Deals for this month’s 4-Day Sale and possibly take home a brand-new Honda with the amazing deals and special offers available.

Honda February 14-17, 2019 4-Day Discount Guide
  • Honda City (MY19) 1.5 E CVT, 1.5 VX CVT – P 35,000
  • Honda BR-V (MY18) 1.5 S CVT, 1.5 V Navi CVT – P 40,000
  • Honda BR-V (MY19) 1.5 S CVT, 1.5 V Navi CVT – P 35,000
  • Honda CR-V (MY18) V Diesel 9AT – P 80,000
  • Honda CR-V (MY18) S Diesel 9AT – P 70,000
  • Honda Civic (MY18) 1.8 E CVT, 1.5 RS Turbo CVT – P 35,000
  • Honda Mobilio (MY18) 1.5 V CVT – P 30,000


  1. BRV will be outclassed by Expander. No cruise control, even vitara is better having cruise control

    1. Is standard cruise control even that useful here in the Philippines? You end up breaking, readjusting most of the time.
      I would be more interested in adaptive cruise control though.

  2. Do real people still buy these ugly looking cars?

  3. Will your cruise control compensate for your economy in your gasoline consumption in expander vs brv? I doubt.It will all depend on your driving skill.

  4. Cruise control very useful if you do a lot of highway driving.


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