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July 16, 2019

Isuzu's Modern PUV Will Now Ply Las Piñas, Paranaque, and Alabang

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) announces its latest PUV turnover to the Alabang Transport Service Cooperative or ATSC. With 24 units of Class 2 Modern PUVs turned over, this marks one of the largest single turnovers yet in the government’s PUV Modernization Program.

With bodies manufactured by Almazora and Centro, these Isuzu Modern PUVs will ply ATSC’s routes in Las Piñas and Paranaque to Alabang.

Alabang, part of the second district of Muntinlupa, has undergone tremendous growth mainly due to a development boom in the late 1990s. The development of high-end large scale commercial real estate projects changed its landscape which was once vast fields of cow pasture until the late 1980s into a district that houses new residential, business, industrial and commercial establishments. Some of the country’s premier business district which specializes in hosting information and technology industries, hotel buildings, and other business sectors are important places of interest and landmarks of the district.

“We are glad that there is a growing number of transport cooperatives like Alabang Transport Service Cooperative who trust our brand and is confident that Isuzu will be able to serve their mission to the community.” said IPC President Hajime Koso.

Alabang Transport Service Cooperative is one of the oldest and biggest cooperative in Muntinlupa, and it is evident that the cooperative grows steadily since its founding on year 1975.

“As our cooperative grows, we are assured that through the newly acquired Isuzu PUVs, we are able to promote development of the transport service here in Alabang, improve the quality, and safety of the commuters, and to serve our mission to the community of Muntinlupa.” said ATSC Chairman Bienvenido Barra.

Isuzu’s PUVs come equipped with air conditioning by Coolaire, CCTV, dash cams and GPS tracking for safety, and an automated electronic fare collection system. Isuzu PUVs are also equipped with PWD-friendly features for the convenience of commuters. Isuzu aims to improve the PUVs more for a better transport system.

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