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July 9, 2019

The Refreshed 2019 Nissan Navara Has One Feature That's Welcome in the Terra

Last month, we showed you how the refreshed 2019 Navara pickup truck looks like (at least for the European market). Now that it’s on sale there, Nissan has released more details on its new features, one of which could make its way to the Terra SUV.

  • The 2019 Navara adopts a higher-pressure common rail direct injection (2,200bar from 2,000bar), new diamond-like carbon coating for its piston rings, and a lower compression ratio (15.1 versus 15.4). Outputs remain at 190 horsepower and 163 horsepower depending on the variant, but there’s a 22 Nm boost to 425 Nm thanks to the adoption of twin turbochargers.
  • 0-100 km/h time ranges from 11.2 to 12.5 seconds while maximum speed is rated from 172-184 km/h depending on the variant.
  • A new made-for-the-world 6-speed manual delivers increased refinement thanks to a shorter gear lever, enhanced synchronization, and reduced vibration. The new transmission also features a more conventional shift pattern, with reverse gear located next to first, and new gear ratios for improved fuel efficiency and lower noise levels for highway driving. 
  • There has also been further tuning of the 7-speed automatic transmission, with improvements to comfort, refinement, and responsiveness.
  •  The SUV-like 5-link coil spring rear suspension continues, but sees an increase in maximum payload capacity of anywhere between 55 to 114 kilograms. Maximum payload is anywhere between 1,115 kilograms to 1,180 kilograms.
  • Front suspension modifications enable steering effort to be reduced, with lighter and more comfortable handling in low-speed maneuvering. 
  • The rear suspension gets a 25 mm lift, and 2-stage coil spring enhance the vehicle posture, which now has a more formidable stance.
  • Overall ground clearance is now between 238 to 242 mm, though maximum water wading depth is still rated at 600 mm.
  • The front disc brakes have increased in size from 296 mm to 320 mm, while the rears adopt 308 mm disc in place of the previous drum brakes. As well as improved stopping distances, this has also enhanced pedal feel and fade resistance, reduced noise levels and makes it easier to obtain maximum performance, with a 40 percent reduction in pedal force required.
  • For vehicles equipped with the stability control system, it adds Intelligent Trailer Sway Assist. This new system anticipates trailer sway by detecting yaw in the vehicle and makes minute corrections in individual wheel braking and torque reduction to bring the vehicle and trailer back under control.
There is still no word whether Nissan will adopt these changes for the Asia-Pacific market, but an educated guess says that all but the revised engine (it requires Euro 6 diesel fuel) will likely make it to the world’s second biggest pickup truck market, Thailand and then, eventually to the Philippines where pickup trucks account for 18 percent of total vehicle sales so far.

Additionally, if Nissan Philippines wants to continue the Terra’s sales momentum, they should at least give it the rear disc brakes. The 7-speed automatic refinement is welcome, too.

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