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July 29, 2019

Toyota Teaches Us Why Dads Just Don't Trust Fuccboi Cars

From action scenes, explosions, and Gerald Anderson, Toyota Motor Philippines is now introducing their new ambassadors: the Muhlach family.

In a new video for the Toyota Innova, Aga and his wife Charlene, together with their kids, Andres and Atasha, share a familiar story inspired by real family events.

As a very excited Atasha is preparing for her graduation ball, Aga deals with anxiety when her date shows up at their home to pick her up. Charlene is very supportive but Aga has a few reservations (naturally) especially upon seeing the date’s ride—a 1989 Celica T160 in fuccboi blue and matching bling rims. We won’t be spoiling the rest of the story, but it’s only fitting that the Aga and the Innova saves the day and Atasha, a potential teen pregnancy.

“With the Innova, there’s space for more great moments,” says Charlene of their new family ride. Not only can the Innova comfortably fit their whole family of four, this seven-seater can even accommodate their children’s friends.

This video is the first in a series starring the Muhlach family and the Toyota Innova. Secretly, we are hoping for a crossover video with Gerald, preferably driving a fuccboi car that explodes.


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