Thursday, July 18, 2019

This 28-year Old Honda Civic is Now a Guinness World Record Holder

For Filipinos, the most common test of a car’s power is a climb up one of the most popular tourist destinations: Baguio. And though there’s no questioning the challenge of Kennon Road, its 1,700-meter elevation is nothing against Thailand’s Doi Chang Mountain Road which is at 1,962 meters above sea level.

Partnering with National Geographic’s Record Rides, Caltex set a Guinness World Record for “The Fastest Ascent of Doi Chang Mountain by road car.” While the record itself is a bit too specific, the feat though was no less spectacular because it wasn’t done by some modern sportscar, but by a 28-year old “everyday car.”

In this case, the term “everyday car,” has to be taken lightly as the Honda Civic EG6 has been stripped of its interior and has had performance wheels, tires, and suspension all fitted. Anyway, piloted by Jamaican-Chinese professional rally race car driver, Natasha Chang, she completed the 1,000-m ascent in 6 minutes and 52.692 seconds. Again, this is odd because once you do the math, the average speed is 8.77 km/h—which is similar to crawling in EDSA traffic.

Still, kudos to the naturally-aspirated Civic for making it up. According to Chang, her car’s performance was maximized thanks to “unrestricted air and fuel delivery” due to Caltex with Techron. With its unique chemistry, it removes and protects an engine from deposits, even for a 28-year old one.

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