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July 11, 2019

This Special Edition Colorado is Everything That's Wrong with Chevrolet

Sometimes you have to wonder what’s going on inside Chevrolet’s marketing department. With GM scaling back on their Thai operations which may result in longer gaps between product updates, Thai product planners are left in a pickle on how to come up with fresh, new offerings. Their response? Throw a barbecue party and launch a Colorado 4th of July Edition. Why? Because ‘Murica (apparently).

Yes, that’s right. Despite Thailand celebrating their Independence Day on December 5 (no other country has their Independence Day on July 4, actually), they’ve decided to celebrate America’s birthday in coming up with this special edition Colorado.

Available in both 4x2 and 4x4 configurations and based off the High Country variant, this Colorado 4th of July Edition has styling that’ll make Captain America proud. It has American flag decals, and of course, special badging (complete with a fucking bald eagle). It also comes with large, bold “Colorado” badging in 3D for front and back, too. Thankfully, only 50 will be made available with a price of P 1,009,000 Baht (~ P 1.689 million).

Normally, there’s nothing wrong with coming up with special limited-edition models to keep things fresh. In this case though, you can literally smell the desperation. Sure, Chevrolet’s an American brand and they want to highlight that, but to actually slap the star-and-stripes on a vehicle that’s made in Thailand and is only distantly related to the North American Colorado pickup truck? You have to ask the guys at Chevy: What the fuck?

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