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June 4, 2020

Here's Our First Look at the Left-Hand Drive 2021 Toyota Hilux

Pardon our enthusiasm with the 2021 Toyota Hilux. We promise this will be the last piece of news concerning Toyota’s refreshed pickup truck, at least for today.

We’ve pretty much covered what’s changed with the 2021 Hilux (if you haven’t read it, check it out here), so instead we’re ending today’s coverage with the world’s first photos of the left-hand driver variant. Yeah, we know: it’s basically a mirror image of what we’ve already seen in Thailand, but there’s just something comforting seeing the steering wheel on the proper side (that’s left-hand drive for us Filipinos).

Courtesy of Toyota Europe, this is the Invincible grade (now we have context for Fernando Alonso’s quote). It’s basically, Thailand’s Rocco or our very own Conquest grade. It’s more or less the same as its ASEAN-launched counterpart, but it differs with its own specific sports bar and electric bed cover straight from the showroom.

Interestingly, the launch window for Europe is slated for this October. With Thailand getting theirs now and Australia by August, it means the 2021 Hilux could arrive sooner rather than later in the Philippines. We’d wager it’ll arrive before the end of this year. Excited?

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