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June 5, 2020

Mazda Extends Its Human-Centric Design Even to Its COVID-19 Transport Vehicles

Following the lead of fellow Japanese carmakers Toyota and Honda, Mazda is now offering their own COVID-19 transport as part of their support activities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Based of the CX-8, these medical transport vehicles are designed to ferry passengers showing mild COVID-19 symptoms. Mazda Engineering & Technology mounted accessories in line with the needs of Japan’s health and medical requirements.

Deployed all over Hiroshima, Mazda’s hometown, these specially converted CX-8 comes fitted with a partition wall installed between the front and second row seats to avoid any physical contact between the driver and any COVID-19 infected passengers. The vehicle’s climate control and a specially installed rear ventilation system creates a difference in air pressure between the front and rear row seats, restricting the air flow from the rear to the front row. A differential pressure gauge to confirm the air pressure difference between the front and rear puts those in the front at ease.

Setting their COVID-19 transport apart from those shown so far, Mazda has also paid attention to make sure it’s disinfected easily. Replaceable seat covers alleviate the disinfection or other cleaning work after each use, while the carpeting has been replaced by rubberized mats making it easier to clean. And to put the patients at ease, Mazda also installed an intercom system to help the occupants in the front seats talk to the ones in the rear. Nine modified CX-8s have been deployed by Mazda so far.

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