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May 17, 2021

Bad Boys Will Be Transported By These Specially-Converted Ford Rangers in Australia

The Philippines may see Toyota Hilux and Vios as the go-to for police vehicles. But, in Australia’s Victoria state, that role goes to the Ford Ranger.

With the southeastern state which includes Melbourne replacing its police fleet, they tapped Ford to supply them with this customized Ranger to the tune of 200 units each year.

Transformed by Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering or SVE team, these converted Ranger XLTs will be used not just to patrol Victorian streets. With an increased ride height (237 mm), it offers improved visibility, perfect for catching wrong-doers. It can also be used to transport prisoners as well.

The rear prisoner transfer capsule is a self-contained and secure two-person transport module which features both air-conditioning and a video camera, allowing police officers to transport persons in custody safely and comfortably.

The Ford SVE team conducted climate testing to verify the effectiveness of the capsule’s auxiliary air-conditioning system. As well, extensive electrical work was carried out by Ford SVE, to provide optimal connectivity for the police’s operational equipment mounted where the rear seats of the Ranger XLT would typically be.

It also manages to keep the safety features of the Ranger including pre-collision assist, lane keeping aid, and six airbags.

In addition to these general duties Ranger-based vans, Ford is also working with the Victoria Police to design and develop Ranger 4x4s for off-road operational use as well.

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