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May 26, 2021

Why Isn't Anyone Else Talking About This Design Feature On The 2021 Volkswagen T-Cross?

Volkswagen Philippines’s uber-hyped T-Cross sub-compact SUV carries one interesting design detail that, surprisingly, escaped most people—including some so-called car enthusiasts. If you need a clue, take a gander at the photo above. Do you see it? Yes?

Yup. It’s the first Volkswagen model available locally to sport the new logo.

In case your brain needs a bit of mental floss, Volkswagen updated its logo in 2019. In part because they wanted to move away from the diesel-gate scandal, but in bigger part, because they were embarking on a new strategy focused on people, the environment, and all that stuff. 

You can check the details here, but in gist, the new logo is simpler, thinner, and definitely more “digital-friendly.” It’s also very subtle which could explain why most people didn’t see it, even if was staring at them right in their faces.

But now that you see it, we are pretty sure you cannot un-see it.

Anyhow, the adoption of the new, refreshed logo on the T-Cross is certainly apt for Volkswagen Philippines too. The T-Cross is a new chapter of sorts for the automotive brand after their rather not-so-well-received Chinese model experiment.

Plus, there’s a lot of reason why VW has to be very proud of the new T-Cross. Aside from it being a global model, underpinned by the cutting-edge MQB architecture (check out all the deets here), there’s the price: it starts at just P 1.098 million (P 1.068 million with the discount). And even if you go up to the fully-loaded model, it doesn’t break the bank at P 1.168 million. Heck, it is also a multi-awarded car and a success story for the brand, selling 202,000 units in 2019 alone.

So, for those who’re going snap photos of the T-Cross in the next couple of days with their #TCrossTrendSpotting contest, make sure to include a special shoutout about the new logo. Volkswagen Philippines will surely be very happy if you noticed.

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  1. No matter what angle you stir at every VW units. There is big similarities to each other. So special interest for me. Same with Audi they are all Look a Like. But the VW vehicles are TopNotch in terms of Quality and durability.


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