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May 13, 2021

Prestone Warns Motorists of Possible Car Trouble This Summer

Prestone, the leading manufacturer of coolants and brake fluids in the Philippines is cautioning motorists that the scorching temperatures experienced by the country can lead to unwanted breakdowns.

The company says that brake fluids are susceptible to heat leading it to absorb water—the brake fluid’s archnemesis. Prestone explains that when brake fluids absorb water, it can decrease their boiling point, and heighten the risk of a spongy feeling in the pedal or complete brake failure. This is especially true, they say, to vehicles equipped with Anti-lock Braking Systems or ABS.

That’s why Prestone recommends shifting to their DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid. With a dry boiling point above 260 degrees Celsius, and a wet boiling point above 165 degrees Celsius, they can provide unmatched performance and protection in high-temperature environments. It is suitable to most car models in the market for now (check your owner’s manual for details).

Aside from its high-temperature brake fluid, Prestone also offers Ready-to-Use Coolants in three variants providing superior boil over and corrosion protection: Asian Green, Asian Red, and Asian Blue. It’s specially formulated with POAT (Phosphate Organic Acid Technology) formula. These should not be mixed, and the best application depends on your car’s specific make and model.

Prestone also wants to remind motorists to stay cautious with the products they use on their vehicles, especially brake fluids that are possibly old or counterfeit. Many counterfeit products also have 900-ml packaging.

Watch out for sellers offering products that come from unknown sources and with suspicious prices and discounts. To know its authenticity, check the product's details, look for any imperfections, and ensure it has a PS mark or ICC stickers issued by the Philippines' Bureau of Product Standards.

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