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May 13, 2021

Toyota Dealerships Remain "At Your Service" Amid The Pandemic

Kaizen, a Japanese term that means continuous improvement, is a Toyota philosophy that is innate to its entire network. This philosophy in mind is what keeps Toyota ready to quickly adapt to the changes brought about by the different quarantine protocols and shifting customer needs and buying behavior amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is taking a two-pronged approach to provide Filipinos with fast, reliable service while prioritizing safety for both customers and staff: While the company is accelerating its digital capabilities, on-site operations are enhanced to provide worry-free customer experience.

Toyota Motor Philippines ensures to prioritize the safety of its clients and staff while delivering high-quality services through its onsite and online platforms.

As more Filipinos embrace online in their daily activities and transactions, Toyota has been proactive in developing digital access and shopping tools., the TMP and respective dealers’ websites, and TMP’s virtual showroom all help vehicle owners and buyers with their needs from the comfort of their homes., launched in May last year, lets users conveniently set appointments, choose a dealer, select the service they need, and even make special requests for specific car needs.

The virtual showroom, launched in August last year, enables customers to have a better appreciation of the products in detail in the safety of their homes. Besides a 3D virtual tour with a 360-degree view of the showroom, this platform lets visitors explore the interior and exterior of the vehicles with just one click. Exploring different cars has never been easier as this virtual showroom is open 24/7.

While Toyota’s online services not only bring the brand closer to the users but also supplements their dealership operations, Lee Junia, General Manager of Toyota Makati (TMI), the first Toyota dealership in the Philippines believes that the business of selling cars cannot be purely inanimate. He shares some of the best practices TMI adapted as they do business as usual.

Aside from required wearing of face mask and face shield, no-touch temperature scanners and alcohol dispensers can also be found everywhere inside the dealerships while clients and visitors are required to fill out a health declaration form through a QR code.

Junia admits that the level of engagement with clients is no longer as direct as it was pre-pandemic. Now there are protective barriers and one-meter distancing for safety purposes. Skeleton workforce has also been enforced.

“It’s a whole new ball game doing business in the new normal. I used to train the Marketing Professional to sit close to the customer to be able to engage or establish a relationship. That’s all out the door,” Junia remarked. “But despite the new challenges, we remain fully committed to providing our customers quality service from sales to maintenance while staying safe.”

While TMI accepts walk-in customers, he highly recommends setting an appointment with their Marketing Professionals prior to visiting the dealership. This way, clients are assured of a well-prepared staff to assist them with their needs including test drives when they visit.

TMI cleans and sanitizes all their vehicles including test drive models before the vehicles come in the branch and before it’s handed over to the customer. Test drives are available on a by appointment basis and only one customer may do the test drive accompanied by a TMI staff seated at the back to observe social distancing.

Junia assures clients that every service is available on-site from vehicle purchase to proper vehicle maintenance. To further assist clients’ inquiries and concerns online, TMI’s Customer Relations Department (CRD) are now maximizing social media as a business tool to touch base with customers.

Toyota’s high level of engagement with customers is essential to better provide effective consultancy to its clients.

Toyota’s focus has always been making car ownership as affordable as possible. Well aware of the financial challenges brought about by the pandemic, interested car buyers can avail of services offered by Toyota Financial Services PH.

“With Toyota’s various purchase programs such as low equity or low monthly payments depending on the kind of vehicle or payment method, people can acquire a car as easily as possible. We are able to create a package that will help customers especially during this time.” shared Junia.

Toyota also understands the importance of having a vehicle in tip top shape right now and offers the motoring public with affordable maintenance schemes.

Toyota offers standard warranty of three years or a 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. TMP also reminds car owners of their window of protection within the warranty period, and that having cars maintained in Toyota dealers is important. Following prescribed periodic maintenance schedule, which is usually every 5,000 kilometers or 3 to 4 months, is another sure-fire way to keep Toyota vehicles running smoothly.

As a newly implemented best practice for vehicle servicing, TMI technicians can go to the customer’s location serviced by van or motorcycle, and armed with all the parts and tools they need. For retail clients, a minimum of two technicians are sent as long as their residence allows entry; for fleet accounts at least three to four technicians on board. For parts, inquiries can be done online and arranged for delivery if necessary.

Toyota tries to go beyond warranty and repair to serve customers better. When the lockdown was first imposed last year, a client’s car brought to the Makati dealership for oil change could not be released. Toyota Makati Inc. went out of its way to deliver the car to the client despite limited operational capacity. Worried the client might need the vehicle for emergencies since they have three senior citizens, the dealership’s General Manager Lee Junia himself delivered the car to the client’s home a few days after a request for vehicle release was sent.

Toyota does service with a heart as they try to go beyond the usual in pursuit of providing safe and personal mobility to their customers.

TMI is just one of Toyota Motor Philippines’ wide network coverage of 70 dealers nationwide ready to serve customers. Each Toyota dealership applies their own measures based on the current situation in their areas to serve their customers better. Nonetheless, Toyota through its dealerships offer the best products and services to address the varying needs of its customers. 

Dealerships operate at regular hours: 7 AM to 5 PM for service, and 8 AM to 5 PM for vehicle sales, depending on each dealership’s local community guidelines. Customers are advised to keep in touch with the nearby dealership to know the specific guidelines implemented.

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