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May 24, 2021

Young Enterpreneurs Invest in Caltex Service Stations

Millennials and Generation Z are interested to go into business to secure their future and help the society. Studies reveal that 66 percent of millennials and 54 percent of Gen Z aim to start their own business. While new business models continue to emerge in the midst of the changing times, there exists a long-standing, future-ready opportunity for the younger generations—the energy industry.

Investing in the energy industry can be the young generations’ springboard to reach the future they envision. Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), provides this opportunity for young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

At 21, Joyce Villanueva is seizing the art and science of running her family’s Caltex station in San Ildefonso, Bulacan. The idea of managing a big business at a young age seemed daunting at first, but willingly embracing the process enabled her to work her way up. She is now taking on their business’ operations, human resource, finance, and safety management roles.

Villanueva underscored how Caltex provides retailers valuable assistance through its business development fund program, supportive business consultants, and the Caltex Academy, a platform where retailers are provided training materials and get upskilled for effective station management. Witnessing how Caltex is a worthwhile investment for young retailers, she shared, “We chose Caltex because they communicate very well to us and assist us, from the construction to operations phase.”

Antonio Mari Villarin, 25, together with his siblings Luisa and Paula, who are both 29, currently manage their newly opened Caltex station in Cabuyao, Laguna. Being new to the business, the three had to study more about the industry. With Caltex’s help, they are already learning the ropes. For them, being a Caltex retailer is challenging yet fulfilling as they get to work and learn together, while providing clean fuels for motorists.

Caltex provides end-to-end support for new entrepreneurs to help them run their business effectively. This includes construction and building assistance, and access to Chevron Business Point – retailers’ day-to-day online transactional interface.

Caltex also helps its retailers strategize and grow their businesses through continuous trainings and dedicated business consultants.

Dylan Jon Ferrer, 37, currently runs two stations in Fairview and EDSA, Quezon City under his team’s company, TripleF Ventures Corporation. Caltex has been his family’s go-to station since then and he had always been curious about how a fuel station work, adding that his parents used to call him “certified Batang Caltex.’” From this sprang his interest to partner with Caltex.

Ferrer noted Caltex’s overwhelming support throughout his retailing journey. “They also offered us to undergo the New Retailers Onboarding Program where we learned a lot about the five-star quality brand of Caltex,” he said. Ferrer advises young entrepreneurs to trust and believe in their brand, invest in their people by setting an employee-centric culture, and analyze their competition.

These young retailers share the same fuel to success—their grit and the right partner. Success is more rewarding with Caltex as it means achieving one’s business goals while helping communities progress. With Caltex’s strong portfolio, seasoned or budding entrepreneurs can get ahead of the competition.

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