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May 14, 2021

Changan Just Produced Its 20 Millionth Vehicle

On May 10, 2021, Changan produced its 20 millionth vehicle. This makes it the first Chinese brand to reach the milestone.

It took Changan 17 years (1984 to 2001) to realize its one millionth vehicle, but shortened that to just nine years for them to exceed 5 million units (2014). This was further shortened to just four years for them to realize their 10 millionth unit, and to double that number (20 million) took just seven.

Changan says its series of sales leaps and milestones epitomizes their perseverance and progress. It’s also a testament to the Chinese auto industry’s growth from a small-scale industry to a global powerhouse.

Today, it is considered as one of China’s “Big 4” automakers.

In the Philippines, Changan is distributed by Changan Motor Philippines, Inc, backed by the same management team behind Hyundai in the Philippines. Changan has a five vehicle line-up in the Philippines: the Alsvin, CS35Plus, CS75Plus, CS95, and the all-electric Eado EV460. 

Here’s a timeline of Changan’s milestones:
  • 1958 – Trial production of China’s first off-road vehicle, the Changjiang 46
  • 1984 – The first batch of Changan’s SC112 minivan and SC110 minitruck rolled off the assembly line
  • 1986 – Annual output of mini vehicles exceeded 10,000 units
  • 1991 – Changan begins export
  • 1993 – 100,000th Changan vehicle rolls off the assembly line
  • 2001 – Changan’s 1 millionth vehicle rolls off the assembly line
  • 2001 – Over one million vehicles sold in the Chinese domestic market
  • 2009 – Its 6 millionth vehicle is delivered to a customer
  • 2009 – Changan’s first full electric vehicle (Benni Mini) rolls off the assembly line
  • 2010 – Sales exceeded 5 million units
  • 2014 – Cumulative production and sales exceeded 10 million units
  • 2015 – Annual production exceeded 1 million units
  • 2016 – Annual production exceeded 3 million units
  • 2021 – 20 millionth Changan vehicle rolls off the assembly line

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