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May 13, 2021

Suzuki Is The Undisputed Kei Car Champ With More Than 25 Million Sold

Suzuki Motor Corporation has reached a milestone: selling 25 million mini vehicles or kei cars in Japan as of April 30 2021.

Kei cars is the smallest class of highway-legal passenger cars in Japan, and captures around a 40 percent market share. Aside from enjoying both tax and insurance benefits, they are favored for their economically-efficient and easy-to-drive characteristics. They are used as a “practical necessity” for everyday family usage such as commuting, school trips and shopping, as well as a useful work vehicle carrying people and goods of private stores, local workshops and farms.

Additionally, in rural areas where public transportation is difficult to use, mini vehicles have replaced buses and trains and serve a vital transport role in local communities.

Since launching the Suzulight, the first ever mass-production mini vehicle in Japan in October 1955, Suzuki has specialized in providing distinct small cars including mini vehicles such as the Jimny in 1970, the Alto in 1979, and the Wagon R in 1993.

In recent years, Suzuki has launched the Spacia in 2013, and the Hustler in 2014, achieving accumulated Japanese domestic mini vehicle sales of 25 million units in 65 years and 7 months.

Here’s a breakdown of just how many Suzuki small cars were sold so far:
  • Alto – 5.24 million units
  • Wagon R – 4.81 million units
  • Carry – 4.67 million units
  • Every – 3.25 million units
  • Fronte – 1.59 million units
  • Spacia – 1.01 million units

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