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May 21, 2021

5 Reasons Why The UX Should Be Your Starter Lexus

For active urban adventurers with discerning tastes, the ideal car has to tick all of the right boxes. Is it stylish and bold? Is it powerful yet fuel efficient? Is it built to a very high standard? And lastly, does it give a sense of satisfaction every time you get behind the wheel?

The Lexus UX (short for Urban Explorer) offers all that and more. Engineered to cater to urbanites in search of a fresh and dynamic take on luxury driving, the UX offers Lexus’ innovative design, luxurious features, and advanced safety in a package which combines contemporary style and an efficient engine.

Here are five reasons why the Lexus UX is the perfect entry level SUV into this world-renowned luxury brand.

#1. Sophisticated Styling and Craftsmanship

While the contemporary styling of the exterior speaks for itself, the interiors of the Lexus UX is another story. Once you enter the car, you’ll feel the kind of luxury pampering Lexus is famous for. Think: Sashiko (an age-old Japanese embroidery art ) quilted leather seats which have strategic perforation which air passes through, keeping occupants cool and comfortable on long journeys; and a washi-inspired dashboard trim bring unique Japanese elements in the Lexus UX; while the shoulders, center console, and armrests are shaped to convey a reassuring hug of a safe ride ahead. A fancy feature of the Lexus UX is its air-conditioning knobs with LED illumination powered by electromagnetic resonance which make it appear as if they’re floating.

#2. Urban Practicality

This subcompact luxury SUV was designed with the urban environment in mind, so it is easy to drive around the city. It further marks a series of technical innovations, including the first use of the new Global Architecture Compact (GA-C), which delivers fundamental high structural rigidity and a low center of gravity, thus securing excellent ride quality and stability.

#3. Exhilarating Performance 

The UX boasts razor-sharp steering response and a really solid and secure ride thanks to its lowered design. This makes the car aerodynamic and together with its powerful engine, lets you zip safely through wide avenues and narrow city streets.

#4. Driver-Centric Technology and Engineering

For the UX, Lexus designers created a seamless design that brings the aesthetic of the outside, in which is akin to traditional Japanese architectural concept called Engawa. For instance, the upper section of the instrument panel appears to extend beyond the windshield into the front of the car, giving you an infinite view of the road and beyond.

The UX was designed to encourage you to keep your eyes on the road. Because safety comes first, all controls and gauges are strategically placed within reach and sight for optimal efficiency. The center console box and palm rest are melded into one unit, creating a long armrest which provides maximum convenience, comfort, and ease of use.

#5. It is a Lexus

Delve deeper into the history of Lexus and be pleased to discover its automobiles are crafted to a very high standard. The Lexus UX offers the same level of refinement and the Takumi master craftsmanship of the entire Lexus lineup.

Priced at P2,538,000 for the UX 200 and P3,128,000 for the UX 200 F Sport, this model is a fine introduction to the brand.

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