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May 31, 2021

The Range Rover Vogue PHEV Combines Sustainability And Power

The significance of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is, more than anything, its contribution to environmental sustainability. Plug-in hybrids are proven to emit less greenhouse gases and reduces oil dependency in vehicles. In numbers, it consumes an estimate of 30 to 60 percent less petrol than conventional vehicles. That said, with the world feeling the effects of climate change more than ever in recent decades, it is no wonder that more and more car brands have been shifting to non-gasoline engines. In fact, most highly developed countries have already begun to commit to a transition to full electric in the next 20 or 30 years.

One such brand would be the iconic Range Rover. With a wealth of history under its belt, Range Rover has always prided itself in being ahead of the race in terms of its unique engineering expertise. Having seamlessly transitioned from being an elite sought-after utility vehicle in its heyday to arguably the most luxurious SUV in the modern age, the brand took it a step further by adding sustainability and undiluted power into the equation.

The Range Rover Vogue PHEV variant is an all-wheel drive Vogue with a 2.0 turbocharged petrol engine and 85-kW electric motor under its hood. This combination results in almost double the power output from the conventional Range Rover, topping out at 404 horsepower and 640 Nm of torque. It also clocks in a maximum speed of 220 km/h on hybrid mode, which is 11 km/h more than the conventional variant.

More than the powertrain and added throttle, the Range Rover Vogue PHEV also boasts of key features that make driving and ownership enjoyable and easy. First off, it is the quietest Range Rover yet, offering a smooth, virtually silent drive when on EV mode. This way, you hear less of the road and focus more on the premium, refined experience. Secondly, each Range Rover Vogue PHEV comes packaged with an AC Mini Plus Wallbox Charger for your home charging requirement. It takes as little as 2.45 hours to recharge from zero, with an added Timed Charging feature to specify when it charges, allowing you to choose which time of the day is convenient. Lastly, the Range Rover Vogue PHEV is integrated with an Intelligent Plug-In Hybrid Display, a feature that tells you how efficient your drive is going and displays real-time data on the performance of the electric motor alongside the conventional engine.

Technology aside, a Range Rover will not be a Range Rover without its signature premium details. With the Vogue PHEV, the Range Rover enthusiast can still expect the same level of luxury as with any other Rovers. The PHEV variant sits on 21-inch style 7001 alloy wheels in sparkle silver finish, with configurable ambient lighting and matrix LED headlights. The cabin seating is furnished with 20-way heated adjustable front seats with memory function in perforated Windsor leather, along with a fixed panoramic roof and Meridian Surround Sound System. All this and more puts the Range Rover Vogue PHEV at the top of the class of plug-in hybrids.

When all is said and done, Range Rover adds another notch in its belt with the Vogue PHEV. Not only has it taken its classic SUV and elevated it into a more sustainable vehicle, it has also proven that the brand is prepared to outlast the rest by consistently evolving with the needs of the changing times. From utility to luxury, and now taking part in the global battle against increasing carbon footprint, we can only expect even better products from Range Rover in the coming decades.

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Words by Gen Tiu

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