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May 21, 2021

Skyway Management Says 60 km/h Is The Speed Limit

There’s been some confusion about the speed limit on one particular expressway here in Luzon: Skyway. The elevated toll road became the subject of a viral post on Facebook after its enforcers are shown to have been equipped with new night vision speed guns.

The post also indicated that the speed limit on Skyway was 80 km/h from Alabang to Makati, and 60 km/h from Makati to Quezon City (Skyway Stage 3) and 60 km/h on the NAIAX.

This runs rather contrary to what is posted on the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB)’s website which indicated that the speed limit on the Skyway (Alabang to Makati) is set at 100 km/h.

Alabang Bulletin, news source for those living in the Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, and Paranaque did the right thing, and instead of relying on Google, reached out to the management of Skyway for clarification.

You can check out the full post here, or you can continue below for the gist:

Due to the lane enhancement (additional one lane), construction of median separator/barriers and on-going construction of the Skyway Extension, the management decided to lower temporarily the speed limits to 60 km/h during this enhancement programs for the safety of the motoring public.

On the other hand, Skyway Stage 3 is strictly enforcing the 60 km/h speed limit due to on-going construction of the median separators/barriers, and other toll road facilities which will then greatly enhance and provide safety and convenience to all motorists.

Take note though that this temporary speed limit might become permanent. Skyway is managed by San Miguel Corporation, and its president Ramon S. Ang previously said that the 60 km/h speed limit will stay on the entire elevated portion of the expressway due to the nature of its design.

Whether it’s permanent or temporary though, it’s best to stick to the 60 km/h speed limit, and perhaps wait for the TRB and Skyway Management to sort this one out.


  1. So if the median barriers are installed and other on-going construction are finally completed, does it means it will be reverted back to 100 kph? I hope o. I find the speed limit in Philippines very slow, in KSA, its 140 KPH like what i just did yesterday without fearing any violation as long as i never exceeded the speed limit

  2. Idiotic. Good ol' MO of ambiguity to further line their pockets with speeding fines for the uninformed. No mention of how they will catch erring motorists travelling northbound that exit Buendia or other non-gated exits.. Oops better keep my mouth shut before they get any more ideas!

  3. 60 is ridiculously slow! maybe the government should stop giving expressway to this private company. tanga tlga ng mga Aquino for privatization ng mga pinagawa ni Marcos.

  4. Bakit may nakasamang DDS dito? Hahaha

  5. The Skyway connector system is a ridiculously expensive SLOW road. I'm being asked to pay more than P200 to drive at just 60kph? I'd understand if it were just a temporary ser-up, but to make this a permanent limit is just absurd! If they had committed to a certain traffic speed when they proposed the project, they should be penalized for every day that they are operating below the committed speed limit.


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