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May 28, 2021

Honda Is Proud Of This 2022 HR-V Design Feature

When Honda first unveiled the all-new 2022 HR-V, it didn’t really garner may fans with its exterior design. Apparently, the carmaker has an explanation for this: they’ve focused their attention to their car’s interiors.

To recall, Honda has unveiled a new interior design philosophy called, “Simplicity and Something.” And in the HR-V, that “something” could have something to do with what Filipinos love in their car: the aircon.

While the HR-V has improved interior space and all that, Honda’s pretty stoked about their “Air Diffusion System” on their sub-compact SUV. According to them, the L-shaped vents positioned in the top corners of the dashboard “delivers the restorative effects of a natural breeze to all occupants.”

According to Honda Large Project Leader Yoshitomo Ihashi:
This idea was born from the concept of designing light and wind to improve passenger comfort. We set out to eradicate as many areas of discomfort as possible by using nature as our inspiration. This new ventilation configuration resolves a disparity in traditional vent configurations, where passengers often feel uncomfortable with air flowing directly onto them. The result is a sense of airiness, with a more comfortable internal environment for all occupants.
A dial is provided to switch seamlessly between 3 modes—the normal outlet with forward-directed air flow, the Air Diffusion System which creates a new gentle flow of air, and close which shuts off the air. When the Air Diffusion System is selected, it discreetly directs a stream of soft ‘breeze’ like air along the side windows, brushing the cheeks of the front passengers (Honda’s words, not ours). The air also travels to the roof, creating a gentle vortex of air that does not impact directly on passengers. The heat transmitted through the side windows in summer is blocked by an air curtain that forms around front and rear seat passengers, as is the cold air during winter. The rear seat passengers will also benefit from air via the rear console outlet. The combination of these features ensures a consistent internal temperature is maintained, in all weather conditions.

Not having cold air blown directly to your face, while your ass cooks in the midday sun sounds like a good proposition, and it could be the reason why the HR-V is off to a great success in Japan selling 32,000 examples after just one month (Honda planned to sell just 5,000).

An overwhelming majority of HR-V customers—93 percent got the e:HEV variant, while just 7 percent opted for the conventional gas-engined version. The front wheel drive version was the most popular, selling 81 percent to the all-wheel drive’s 19 percent. Japan’s favorite HR-V color? Platinum White Pearl (33 percent) followed by Crystal Black Pearl (18 percent), and Premium Sunlight White Pearl (17 percent).

Are you looking forward to the all-new 2022 Honda HR-V to arrive in the Philippines?


  1. impressive :) Honda's description is like literature (or poetry? :S) lol...."Brushing the cheeks" :D

  2. Is this car Honda hrv will be launched in India ???


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