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Monday, May 17, 2021

For P 81,000, This Company Will Add Rust To Your Brand-New Land Rover Defender

Normally, rust is the bane of every car owner, and carmakers go through great lengths to make sure their new cars stay corrosion-free for a long time. However, one customizer thinks it would greatly add character to the all-new Land Rover Defender.

To recall, the new-generation Land Rover Defender is made of aluminum which means it should retain its spiffy appearance for a long time. However, some might miss the patina of the worn-in look of previous Defenders; a sentiment shared by Dutch customizer Heritage Customs.

Heritage Customs now offers replacements for the Defender’s diamond-pattern tread-plate trim on the hood and front fender vents in five different finishes: aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, and rust.

The pieces are actually plastic, but thanks to a unique metal binding technology, they’ve managed to spray it on with metal (not just metallic) paint. This enables Heritage Customs to apply a thin layer of aluminum, brass, titanium, or even gold to the plastic pieces. In the case of rust, they’ll oxidize the panels.

Putting rust on your shiny new Defender doesn’t come cheap. It costs 1,395 Euros (P 80,890). However, they’ll subtract 500 Euros (P 28,992) if you send them the removed factory pieces.

Countless man-hours and untold sums have been spent trying to eradicate, prevent, or hide rust. Now, it’s taken a new dimension as a design feature. This is something no one saw coming. 

Check out Heritage Customs here.

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