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May 10, 2021

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Is Love At First Sight For This Guy

One quiet weekend in 2016, Lester del Rosario and his wife Mheann were taking a walk at a Las Piñas mall when they chanced upon a Mitsubishi car display. “Look oh, ang simple pero lakas ng dating nung Mitsubishi Mirage,” said Lester’s wife. Prodded by these words of inception, it did not take long for the 34-year-old husband to heed his partner’s suggestion and put down an order for a Mirage.

“That time I was actually looking for a car that would fit my style while at the same time be fuel efficient and affordable. The moment I saw the Mirage G4 at the mall and talked to the sales agent, I told myself that I will buy this car,” recalls Lester.

With the Mirage G4’s stylish looks and functional amenities, it was easy for Lester to have an instant affinity with the car. “After checking the car out I fell in love with it and we immediately approached the sales agent to ask for details and requirements,” shares the dutiful husband. A Professional Sales Representative himself, Lester even laid down a couple of conditions to the attending sales consultant when they decided to pursue the purchase, “Sir, gusto ko same color nung naka display ah, basta Virgil Gray. At gusto namin G4.”

The attraction was instantaneous, immediate and as it would turn out, long lasting. Lester and his family were officially in love with the Mitsubishi Mirage. Lester adds, “The name of our Mirage is ‘Uno’”. My wife chose the name because according to her the Mirage will be memorable to us since it is our first brand new car as a family.”

Since taking delivery of their Mitsubishi Mirage G4 almost 5 years ago, the car has been Lester’s daily driver. As his “working buddy”, Uno has taken Lester and his family to various places around the country from as far south as Sorsogon to way up north in Pagudpud. And as a previous owner of a second-hand Mitsubishi Lancer, Lester only has words of praise for his latest three-diamond ride. “This is our first automatic transmission car and I find it more relaxing to drive especially during long runs,” he shares.

Moreover, because of the Mirage G4’s excellent fuel economy, Lester can only exclaim his appreciation for its frugality at the pump. “The Mirage’s fuel economy is fantastic! This is the feature that I like most about our car.”

And with the help of the hardworking and diligent technicians of Citimotors Alabang, as well as friends and colleagues from Mirage Pilipinas Car Club, it has been easy for Lester to keep Uno in tip-top shape through the years. “The after sales support has been great,” beams Lester. He adds, “Mitsubishi people have been approachable and they will see to it that your queries are addressed properly.” With over 94,000 kilometers on the car’s odometer, Lester’s Mirage G4 continues to prove that it is a reliable and trustworthy member of the family. “Marami na kaming pinagsamahan ni Uno. Never siyang pumalya o nagka aberya saan man kami mapunta.”

Lester’s experience with Uno only reinforces the already wonderful impressions about the MItsubishi brand he has harbored all these years. “Mitsubishi is known for producing quality and fuel efficient cars,” explains Lester. He adds, “This goes hand in hand with their tagline, Drive Your Ambition. The Mirage is the best example of that and I can prove it because I have already driven my car to different parts of the country and yet it is still in good shape. And to this day, it continues to give us a safe ride.”

Easy to drive, easy to own, and easy to maintain, Lester’s Mirage G4 has become a cherished member of the young Del Rosario family. “If I rate the Mirage from 1 to 10, I will give it a score of 1,000! We love Uno so much that we consider it as our second born child.”

From a chance encounter at a mall to a relationship that goes beyond words, the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 has made the del Rosario family bigger, better and safer. It was love at first sight with Uno as it only took one look for Lester and Mheann to make the Mirage their own. But it also took a seamless relationship through the years for the del Rosario family to see the Mirage for what it truly is - a loved one for keeps.

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