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June 12, 2021

There's A Scam Going On, And Toyota Wants You To Be Aware Of It

Reports of a circulating message that’s being passed on over social media platforms and communication apps have surfaced inviting recipients to click on the link in exchange of free gifts. The promotion was said to be in celebration of Toyota’s 80th anniversary.

For the safety and privacy of its customers, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has released a statement warning the public about this online scam.

“Recipients are strongly advised not to click on the link and to refrain from forwarding the message. The message leads to a deceptive website that will attempt to steal personal information and data,” the statement reads.

In the event that the recipient has engaged with the link, it is best to change the passwords of concerned accounts and activate a 2-factor authentication to further improve security.

TMP is encouraging everyone to scrutinize every message received, most especially if they are promising prizes or free gifts for activities the recipient did not sign up for. It also reiterates that the company and its dealer network do not ask for any private information through unauthorized channels.

Customers are advised to only get legitimate information and promotions from Toyota Motor Philippines’ official website an social media pages:

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