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Monday, June 7, 2021

This Special Edition GR Yaris Carries Its President's Name On It

Toyota is now offering a special edition GR Yaris named after Akio Toyoda’s racing alter ego, Morizo. There are two catches though to the new Toyota GR Yaris Morizo Selection: one, it’s only available in Japan; and two, it’s exclusively available for lease through Toyota’s Kinto mobility services.

Kinto is Toyota’s leasing arm. It offers customers the chance to drive a brand-new Toyota with both just a monthly fixed-sum service that packages voluntary insurance payments, vehicle tax, registration charges, and regularly scheduled maintenance. The service is available in the Philippines, but in Japan, it covers not just entry-level models but Lexus models, and yes, even the GR Yaris as well.

The GR Yaris Morizo Selection is based on the RZ “High Performance” version of the GR Yaris, and adds aesthetic upgrades centered around Morizo and Rookie Racing. Rookie Racing is technically a privateer team whose driver line-up has a wide variety of drivers from gentlemen drivers to master drivers (their roster includes Morizo, naturally). Their focus is to help give Toyota feedback which engineers can possibly use for vehicle development.

Going back to the GR Yaris Morizo Selection, it adds Morizo’s signature as an emblem on the windshield. Rookie Racing then appears on the forged alloy wheel center caps as well as well on the door switch bases and headrests. It also gains Rookie Racing-inspired color scheme on the seats, coil springs, and shock absorbers.

Mechanically, the GR Yaris Morizo Selection is unchanged. It packs a turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-3 making 272 horsepower and 370 Nm mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. It also has the trademark GR-Four all-wheel drive system.

The GR Yaris Morizo Selection is offered in three colors: Platinum White Pearl, Emotional Red II, and Precious Black Pearl. And because it’s exclusively available through Kinto, leasing it starts at 54,340 yen (P 23,644) to 81,840 yen (P 35,610.41) for a three-year contract.

While it may seem expensive, Toyota says that leasing the GR Yaris Morizo Selection through Kinto now includes the introduction of the latest software to optimize vehicle performance. Toyota is also looking at allowing software customization based on customer driving data in the future.

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