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September 5, 2021

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Features This Unique Suspension Tech

With the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 now on sale in Japan (and very soon in the Philippines), Hitachi Astemo Co., Ltd., the company behind one of the key features of the flagship SUV details what they’ve done to improve its overall stability and ride comfort.

Hitachi, together with Aisin, co-developed the new Linear Solenoid Adaptive Variable Suspension in the new Land Cruiser 300.

Shock absorbers typically have a single mechanism to adjust damping force during extension and compression. Meanwhile, the Hitachi-Aisin co-developed suspension is able to adjust the damping force using separate mechanisms. This enables more precise control of the damping forces resulting in a higher level of maneuverability and a more comfortable driving experience.

Furthermore, by incorporating the damping force control valve in the shock absorber, instead of on the outside where it’s conventionally installed, the structure can be simplified. As a result, and compared to more conventional setups, the volume has been reduced by around 20 percent. Not only does this make it easier to mount on the Land Cruiser 300, the weight has been reduced by 30 percent as well.

Hand-in-hand with the Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System or E-KDSS which can react to forces being applied across the suspension system, it fully optimizes its performance whether on- or off-road. E-KDSS and AVS aside, the all-new Land Cruiser 300 combines a hydraulic power steering with an electric steering actuator to reduce kickback while driving off-road and a crisper steering feel. It also gets Multi-Terrain Select which improve its off-road performance by automatically adjusting the various systems that regulate drive torque, suspension, and brakes.

These big changes to the Land Cruiser undoubtedly fit into its 70-year heritage of being a vehicle that will “go anywhere and everywhere, and bring you back safe and well.”

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  1. I wish gasoline version of this year model will be offered in the Philippines, event for indent order basis.. paging Toyota Philippines


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