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June 6, 2023

Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia EV Associations Banner Under AFEVA

Electric Vehicle associations from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have united under the ASEAN Federation of Electric Vehicle Associations or AFEVA. The collaboration aims to foster an EV revolution in the region.

The Philippines’ Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) and Malaysia’s Electric Vehicle Association of Malaysia (EVAM) welcomed Indonesia’s Periklindo to further solidify the federation’s presence and influence in the Southeast Asian region.

Periklindo formalized its entry into AFEVA at the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show.

During their visit to the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show, Dato Dennis Chuah of EVAM, Rommel Juan of EVAP, and Dr. Moeldoko of Periklindo engaged in discussion around driving the electric vehicle industry forward in Southeast Asia. The participants exchanged valuable insights and experiences, exploring avenues for collaboration, and identifying shared goals.

Dr. Moeldoko expressed his enthusiasm for joining AFEVA, stating, “Becoming a member of AFEVA opens up exciting opportunities for Periklindo to collaborate with like-minded associations in the region. Through this partnership, we aim to create a unified voice for electric vehicles in Southeast Asia and work together to overcome challenges and drive sustainable transportation.”

Dato Dennis Chuah highlighted the significance of this collaboration, saying, “The inclusion of Periklindo within AFEVA strengthens the federation’s presence and expands our collective knowledge and resources. We look forward to collaborating closely with Periklindo to promote the adoption of electric vehicles across the ASEAN region.”

Rommel Juan added, “The participation of Periklindo in AFEVA enhances our ability to share best practices and experiences, facilitating the growth of the electric vehicle industry throughout Southeast Asia. Together, we can create a sustainable future with cleaner and greener transportation systems.”

As members of AFEVA, these associations share a common vision of reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable transportation, and creating a greener future. Together, they will work towards developing robust charging infrastructure, creating supportive regulatory frameworks, and raising public awareness about the benefits of electric vehicles.

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