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October 4, 2023

Goodbye Scalpers: Nissan PH Is Raffling Off Slots To Buy A Nissan Z

Realizing the limited stock of Nissan Z sportscars arriving to the Philippine market, Nissan Philippines has made the prudent decision to raffle off allocation in the spirit of fairness (and to weaken the clout of potential scalpers).

You can read the full 21-point reservation mechanics below, but in gist, only one reservation for each AT and MT will be allowed per customer. NPI will disregard/remove multiple reservations that appear in their system.

Customers are then required to submit a P 50,000 reservation fee to an authorized Nissan Z dealer (see list below). Payments done in excess of the P 50,000 will not act as assurance that the customer will be selected during raffle draws.

Once the Nissan dealer has confirmed the receipt of the reservation fee, the customer will be entered into a raffle draw until January 15, 2024. A generated unique code will serve as proof of that.

Two days prior to a set raffle date (happening second Thursday of every month), the available colors (both AT and MT) will be posted on Nissan Philippines’ official website. Nissan Philippines will only draw the number of customers based on the number of units available plus two alternate slots.

If a customer isn’t selected, his name is automatically returned to the pool for the next month’s raffle draw. The same goes to people whose preferred Nissan Z color isn’t available for the month.

Take note that while the Nissan Z is priced at P 3,888,000, Nissan Philippines reserves the right to change the purchase price of the vehicle.

The first Nissan Z raffle will happen on October 12.

Nissan Z Participating Dealers

Metro Manila

  • Nissan Abad Santos
  • Nissan Alabang
  • Nissan Caloocan
  • Nissan Commonwealth
  • Nissan Global City
  • Nissan Manila Bay
  • Nissan Mantrade
  • Nissan North Edsa
  • Nissan Otis
  • Nissan Pasig
  • Nissan Quezon Avenue
  • Nissan Shaw Mandaluyong
  • Nissan Sumulong Highway
  • Nissan Valenzuela
  • Nissan Bacoor
  • Nissan Baliuag
  • Nissan Batangas
  • Nissan Cabanatuan
  • Nissan Camarines Sur
  • Nissan Dasmariñas
  • Nissan Isabela
  • Nissan Marilao, Bulacan
  • Nissan Pampanga
  • Nissan San Pablo
  • Nissan Sta. Rosa
  • Nissan Taytay
  • Nissan Tuguegarao
  • Nissan Bacolod
  • Nissan Cebu Central
  • Nissan Cebu North
  • Nissan Dumaguete
  • Nissan Iloilo
  • Nissan Butuan
  • Nissan General Santos
  • Nissan Matina
  • Nissan Tagum
All-New Nissan Z Reservation Full Mechanics

Please see reservation mechanics below for details. For any questions, you may reach out to your nearest Nissan dealership or call our NCAC hotline at (+632) 8403-6593 or 0927-600-9557.

  1. The Reservation Period will start on 03 October 2023 and will end on 15 January 2024.
  2. Interested customers may go to a participating dealer to register one (1) unique name and customer details to be encoded by the Dealer Nissan Marketing Professional (NMP) in the Nissan YANA DMS system.
    • Only one (1) unique reservation for each AT and MT shall be allowed per unique customer name and details. NPI reserves the right to disregard/remove multiple reservations using a combination of customer names and customer details which are already encoded in the System.
    • In the event that a customer name appears in multiple reservations (e.g. registered under different dealers, email address, phone number, etc.), NPI will only consider one (1) entry for purposes of the raffle.
    • To accommodate the customer’s preference on transmission type of All- New Nissan Z, customer must include their preferred unit transmission (AT or MT) in the Reservation Form. This information will be used by NPI to identify which raffle the customer will be included.
    • If the customer would like to avail both AT and MT, he/ she must submit separate Reservation Form, one for AT and one for MT.
    • Incomplete details in the Reservation Form including failure to indicate preferred transmission shall not be treated as complete reservation and shall not be eligible for the raffle draw.
  3. To initiate the reservation process, the customer must complete the needed information in the reservation form and sign. Then, the customer must submit the completed reservation form through any of the participating Dealers (hard copies or through any of the official Dealer Communication channels).
  4. To complete the reservation, the reserving Customer is required to pay the amount of P 50,000 as reservation fee within the Reservation Period only through the official payment channels of the selected participating dealer who will issue an acknowledgment receipt as proof of the payment.
    • The customer may, at his option, pay more than P 50,000.00 as reservation fee but such additional payment is not an assurance that the Customer will be selected during the raffle draws or increase the customer’s chances of being selected.
    • The Reservation Fee shall be deductible to the SRP at the time the customer completes his/her purchase of the All-New Nissan Z.
    • Failure of the Customer to deposit the Reservation Fee within the Reservation Period shall not complete the reservation process.
    • Customers are advised to keep proof of the Reservation Fee. Proof of the payment of the Reservation Fee may be requested to be shown in case the Customer’s reservation is drawn during the raffle.
  5. The Reservation Fee is refundable in the event of the following:
    • Customer decides to withdraw from the raffle; or
    • Customer remains unserved and can no longer wait for the unit to be served and decides to withdraw from the raffle.
  6. The Reservation Fee shall be refunded to the customer within three to five (3 to 5) working days upon receipt by the participating dealer of a written request for refund by the customer.
  7. Written requests for refund may be submitted either through customer-signed hard copies or via email sent to the participating dealer to whom the reservation was made/completed by the customer.
  8. The reserving Customer who submitted a written request for refund or has successfully received the refund of her/ his reservation prior to the date of a raffle draw will be excluded from participating from the draw and any subsequent raffle draws.
  9. Upon completion of the reservation form and payment of Reservation Fee, the Dealer NMP will inform the customer of the draw dates the customer is eligible to participate.
  10. Customer will receive a unique customer code allotted to the reserving customer which will be used for the raffle and announcement of winners, which will be emailed two (2) days before the raffle date schedule.
  11. A separate unique customer code will be assigned for AT and MT reservation entries, which will be used throughout the duration of the promotion. For AT reservations, the sample unique code will be AT0001, while for MT reservations, it will be MT0001.
  12. Customers who have received a unique code will be eligible for the monthly draw. However, customers who have made a reservation within two (2) days prior to the draw will not be included in the current month's draw. Instead, they will be automatically entered into the next scheduled raffle draw.
  13. To participate in the raffle, customers are required to submit completed reservation forms and pay the reservation fee to participating dealers until 15 January 2024.
    • Only those reserving customers who completed the submission of the required forms and the payment of the reservation fee during the Reservation Period shall be entitled to participate in the Raffle.
    • NPI reserves the right to remove such registered names if the Customer fails to complete either the submission of the form or the payment of the reservation fee within the Reservation Period.
  14. The available All-New Nissan Z whether AT or MT for raffle will be announced to the official Nissan website two (2) days before the raffle date.
  15. Conduct of the Raffle. NPI will utilize a digital/electronic platform to draw winners of the raffle. The platform to be utilized is described in detail in Annex 3 hereof.
    • The first raffle for AT and MT will be conducted on 12 October 2023 (Thursday).
    • NPI will use the same digital platform for all subsequent raffles. Draw will be every 2nd Thursday of the month with the last raffle happening on 11 April 2024.
    • Customers who are not chosen on a particular raffle draw will be included on succeeding draws unless customer cancels, processes or has received a refund of his /her reservation.
    • For every raffle draw, NPI will only draw the number of customers based on the number of available units which are ready for retail sale to the customer at the time of the draw.
    • During each raffle, NPI will draw at least two (2) alternate/substitute customers who can take over the purchase of the vehicles in case the selected winner(s) decide not to proceed with the purchase. In case all selected customers complete the purchase, the names of the alternate/substitute customers will be returned to the pool of customers eligible to be chosen for the succeeding raffle draws.
  16. Customer Confirmation after Raffle Selection.
    • Customer will be given five (5) days from receipt of the latest communication from NPI (the "Confirmation Period") to confirm the reservation.
    • Once confirmed, the customer can proceed to purchase the unit with the participating Dealer or the preferred Dealer of the customer.
    • Customer reservation is non-transferable and the purchase must be made by the Customer under whose name the reservation was made.
    • Initial Registration of the vehicle must be in the name of the reserving customer.
  17. Cancellation of Opportunity to Purchase. The Customer’s opportunity to purchase and/or selection in the raffle draw shall be considered canceled if:
    • The customer is uncontactable because of invalid or incomplete contact information provided by the customer (via phone call, email and courier letter); or
    • The customer chooses to cancel his/her slot via phone call which cancellation is subsequently confirmed by email or written notice to the participating Dealer/s; or
    • The customer does not confirm within the five (5) day Confirmation Period after receiving either an email, phone call or couriered letter from the participating dealer.
    • In case of cancellation, customer will be included in the next raffle draw unless customer processed and/or has received the refund of the Reservation Fee;
  18. In case a customer is drawn and have multiple reservations under his/her name with different dealerships:
    • The customer will be given the choice to decide which preferred dealership he/she will complete the purchase within the five (5) day Confirmation Period.
    • In case the customer fails to indicate the preferred dealer within the Confirmation Period, NPI is authorized to assign the Dealer to whom the unit can be purchased, taking into consideration the location of the customer’s residence as provided in the form.
    • The Customer may request the other dealers to whom he/she made reservations to refund the Reservation Fee paid to non-selected participating dealers.
  19. If a customer’s name was already selected in a raffle draw and have completed the purchase, his/her name will be excluded from succeeding raffles.
    • If that customer decides to participate again, he/she may re-apply a reservation and undergo the same process of reservation, provided the same is completed within the Reservation Period.
    • Alternate Winners who are not able to complete their purchase will be included in succeeding raffles.
  20. NPI does not make any assurance on unit color availability. The drawn allocation will be based on transmission preference while color is subject to customer acceptance.
    • In case the customer’s name is drawn and the preferred color is not available, the customer is required to decide within the 5-day Confirmation Period and confirm with his/her preferred Dealer and/or NPI if he/she chooses to accept and complete the purchase of the available color.
    • If the customer does not accept the available color, customer’s name will be included in the next raffle and NPI shall award the allocation to the alternate/substitute winner.
  21. In the intervening period during the reservation, raffle draws and/or completion of the purchase, NPI reserves the right to change the purchase price of the vehicle. In the event of a change in price, the price prevailing at the time of the execution of the Sale Documents to complete the purchase of the All-New Nissan Z shall be utilized.


  1. That’s a good way to address shortage of supply, kudos Nissan. Ahem ahem Toyota maybe something to consider.

  2. Nothing in the rules say that I can't have my yaya and drivers and hardineros as proxy.

    1. Lol, you're gonna buy a car and register it under a third party's name? According to Rule 16, third bullet point, reservations are non-transferable.

  3. Bakit hindi sila gumawa ng madami para hindi na kailangan ng ganyang raffle


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