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April 20, 2020

Ferrari, Lamborghini Start Producing Medical Equipment in Fight Against COVID-19

Lamborghini and Ferrari, two rival Italian supercar brands have switched their efforts to produce life-saving respirators and ventilators as part of its efforts against COVID-19.

Ferrari has started to produce respirator valves and fittings for protective masks at its Maranello plant using thermoplastic components. These valves are made to fit diving or snorkel masks either to assist patients suffering from respiratory failure or help protect healthcare workers against any risk of infection.

Meanwhile, Lamborghini has been using its 3D printing laboratory to design and produce ventilators to the tune of 18 units per day. These ventilators are produced side-by-side with face shields at the Sant’Agata manufacturing plant using HP multi-jet fusion printers.

In the next few days, Ferrari plans to manufacture several hundred items, while Lamborghini’s efforts are on top of their surgical mask production where their interior artisans have been churning out 1,000 face masks a day.

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