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June 1, 2020

Goodyear PH's New Program Lets You Drive Worry Free

Goodyear Philippines is setting itself apart from other tire makers with its Worry Free Assurance (WFA) program. This unique warranty program is offered with every purchase of Goodyear consumer tires that help protect the driver, the car, and gives peace of mind overall. It ensures that you won’t be left stranded in the middle of nowhere, and in some cases, give you access to complementary servicing including having your tires replaced for free. It’s all part of Goodyear’s commitment to give you a better drive.

Unlike typical emergency roadside assistance programs which are meant to benefit new vehicle owners (usually within the warranty period) Goodyear’s Worry Free Assurance Emergency Roadside Assistance can benefit even owners of older vehicles. You can get the following benefits with the Worry Free Assurance Membership Card:
  • 5-year Goodyear Limited Warranty against manufacturing defect
  • 6 months Road Hazard Warranty against tire damage that’s beyond repair
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance for 1 year
  • 1-year Personal Accident Insurance for the Driver
  • Easy ownership with a zero percent interest installment plan
Every purchase of at least two (2) of the same size and pattern of the following Goodyear tires at any Goodyear Autocare or Servitek outlet are eligible for the Goodyear Worry Free Assurance Membership Card for free. These are the tires (rim sizes 14 inches and above) covered by the Goodyear Worry Free Assurance:
  • Assurance DuraPlus
  • Assurance DuraPlus 2
  • Assurance FuelMax
  • Assurance TripleMax
  • Assurance TripleMax 2
  • Eagle F1 Directional 5
  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2
  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
  • Wrangler TripleMax
  • EfficientGrip SUV
  • EfficientGrip Performance SUV
  • Wrangler AT/SA
  • Wrangler AT SilentTrac
  • Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure
  • Wrangler Duratrac
  • Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar

Once you get your Worry Free Assurance Membership card, it can be activated via the Goodyear Philippines website. Take note that you’ll need information including your vehicle plate number or conduction sticker number, and receipt number.

With an activated Worry Free Assurance Membership Card, you’re entitled to Goodyear’s 5-year Limited Warranty that covers the tires from defects in quality or workmanship.

Even in the event of a puncture, cut, bruise, or impact break in the normal course of driving, Worry Free Assurance will replace it or compensate you (based on remaining tread depth) in case the tire is found to be damaged beyond repair.

Of course, there’s complimentary 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, personal accident insurance worth up to P 50,000 for the driver, and access to zero percent interest installment plans as well.

With its Worry Free Assurance program, Goodyear Philippines is proving that they’re one revolution ahead. This unique membership program gives new tire owners access to the most comprehensive customer care package, and best of all, it’s all for free.

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