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June 6, 2020

Someone Bought a 20-Year Old Civic for P 2.49M

It’s finally happened. After seeing the prices of Integra Type Rs, NSXs, and Supras go up in the past few years, the humble Honda Civic is now the latest car to get swept up in a car collector’s craze.

This pristine 2000 Honda Civic Si (basically the two-door American cousin of the Philippines’s SiR) breached the USD 50,000 mark (P ~ 2.490 million) in a recent auction. It’s still not enough to hold a candle to a brand-new Civic Type R, but it’s pretty impressive for what’s a 20-year-old car.

Codenamed the EM1, it was only sold for two model years in the U.S. (1999 and 2000). It fitted the high-revving B16A2 engine enough for a healthy 160 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. In stock form, it ran from 0-100 km/h mark in 7.1 seconds, and that’s before any upgrades or tuning.

It’s this lack of mods (except for a new head unit and a DC Sports lower tie bar), and relative lack of mileage (5,600 miles or 9,012 kilometers) that made this particular Civic Si sell for so much cash. It’s also worth noting that the seller kept every single service record—20 years worth.

Closer to home, someone sold a Civic SiR for around the same amount of cash (P 2.45-million), putting it in the same league as its U.S. counterpart. Only the Philippine seller decked it out in all sorts of Mugen parts.

Aren’t you wish you kept your college car stock?

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