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Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Ferrari 812 Competizione A Is The Fastest Way to Ruin Your Hair

Last week, Ferrari released a teaser of a new limited-edition series based on the 812 Superfast. Now, they’ve released the full details including its name: the 812 Competizione. And in an interesting twist, they also showed off a top-down version of the model dubbed the 812 Competizione A.

The entire run of the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A are completely sold out, but that didn’t stop Ferrari from giving the world more details as to what they’ve done, especially to its normally-aspirated V12 engine.

The 812 Competizione duo pushes out 830 horsepower—a considerable number given it doesn’t pack any turbocharger or electric assist. Maximum revs are at 9,500 rpm and was done by re-design of key engine components such as the con-rods, pistons, crankshaft, fuel distribution, and cylinders.

The air intake (a single front unit—a first for a Ferrari V12) and exhaust systems were also re-done, with the exhaust now integrating a Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) to meet the latest emissions standards. In order to create Ferrari’s signature sound, engineers had to re-work the exhaust piping.

Along with the revised engine, the 812 Competizione adds aero tweaks that focus on improving its cooling without increasing the car’s dimensions and weight. It also does have a significant jump in downforce with a 25 percent increase over the 812 Superfast (35 percent if the blown exhausts are taken into account).

Attention was also paid to make the car as light as possible. It managed to shed 38 kilograms compared to the 812 Superfast by extensively using carbon fiber on the bumpers, rear spoiler, and air intakes. For the top-down 812 Competizione A, it gets a targa top made of carbon fiber. All-carbon-fiber rims are also being made available for the very first time on a Ferrari V12, and offer a total weight reduction of 3.7 kilograms compared to the lightweight forged 812 Superfast wheels.

As mentioned, all units of the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A are all sold, but reports are saying that one unit is headed to the Philippines for one lucky owner.

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