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May 3, 2021

Toyota GAZOO Racing Wraps Up 1st Leg of 2021 GR GT Cup

Racers from around the nation have gathered this year for the 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup organized by Toyota Gazoo Racing and hosted by Toyota Motor Philippines. For the first round of the competition, potential overall champions are already starting to etch their name up on the board.

The first leg brings the virtual racers to the historic Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Italy. It’s the third oldest circuit in the world with close to 5.8 kilometers in length.

The first day covered the qualifying races for the Junior Class (players 17 years old and below), promotional (non-professional), and sporting (with professional e-sports experience.) And the results deserve a following as they eventually showed their skills and talents early in the cup.

Racers of the Junior class may be young but their performance on the digital circuit proves otherwise. The Monza tracks seemed like a playground where the young challengers happily traded places on the leaderboard. Claiming the top spot of the category is Russel Cabrera who has successfully maintained his lead until the last minute of the race, denying any change of position lap after lap. Following him is Josh David Marquez who also achieved the best time of the race at 2:02.5. And at the third step on the podium is John Paul Veloso.

The second day of the event started with the heat race of the Promotional Class. Despite no professional e-sports experience, some showed potential of playing in the pro leagues. Calmly savoring the checkered flag is Jether Miole who persistently defended his lead widening the gap from the competitors from a quarter to almost half a second leading to the home stretch.

Finally, in the Sporting Category, returning racer Terrence Lallave made sure he came back in style, claiming the number 1 position. Adamantly chasing him in second place is Luis Moreno. Climbing to the 3rd spot is Estefano Rivera who has also challenged real life tracks in the recent Vios Cup.

The champions of this round get to take home exciting gaming gears that they can use to upgrade their arsenal for the next race.

For the 2nd leg, there will be an application of multipliers. Scores accumulated by the racers will be multiplied by 1.5 which means the champion of the round gets 30 points instead of the initial 20. This is on top of other prizes that include gadgets and other digital devices.

With higher stakes, racers are encouraged to join and re-qualify to get more chances of increasing points. Interested participants can still register for the 2nd leg by signing-up on the official Toyota GR GT Cup website.

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