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May 3, 2021

Honda Shows Off Design Direction of All-New Second-Generation BR-V

After much speculation and some teasers, Honda held the world premiere not of the all-new Mobilio or BR-V, but of a new concept car that gave the world a glimpse of the upcoming second-generation BR-V (style-wise, at least).

Designed and engineered by Honda R&D Asia Pacific, the N7X Concept showcases the possible design direction of Honda’s small 7-seater SUV. Immediately, it shows a stronger, more masculine stance with its upright solid-wing grille, large LED headlights, and squared off bumpers. At the back, it gets LED light guides—a feature seen in the all-new City.

Overall, it looks better proportioned and sculpted than the current BR-V, and with that, could be a very big hit with potential buyers who might have found the current model a bit frumpy.

According to Honda, the N7X Concept is the product of extensive studies from consumer behavior. With that, they have decided to adopt a car that combines elements of both an MPV and an SUV. Moreover, they have repeatedly used the word, “premium” to refer its level of comfort and convenience features.

Officially, the Honda N7X Concept is purely a styling exercise for now. However, don’t be surprised that it will stay almost unchanged when it becomes the all-new second-generation BR-V in the very near future.

What do you think of the Honda N7X Concept?


  1. oh it looks like the Honda Breeze :O

    Looks more butch as well, very nice :D

  2. Good for Honda to restyle the BR-V to be more like a crossover rather than a buffed up MPV. This compares favorably to the pleasing Geely Okavango.

  3. A step in the right direction... First, the all new civic redesign, and then, this. I am not a fan of the current generation hondas, BRV, Mobilio, and Civic. The design is too juvenile and doesnt look elegant at all. I really like these upcoming honda vehicles.


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