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June 3, 2021

This Honda Generator Is What You Need During Rotating Blackouts

Given the current power crisis hitting Luzon, Honda may have a quiet, emissions-less solution in the form of their eGX generator.

Besides cars and motorcycles, Hondas are known for being one the largest producers of power generators, or gen sets in local parlance. While the most common power source remains dinosaur juice, Honda has come up with an alternative.

Think of the eGX has a large, industrial grade power bank. It has a rechargeable 720-Wh lithium-ion battery connected to a three-phase brushless DC motor.

Because it’s meant to power things like jackhammers, it’s rated at 1.6 kW (around 2 horsepower) with a 72-volt output. The compact eGX can also be fully charged using DC fast chargers (yes, just like an EV) in as little as 60 minutes.

It can surely be installed in households as an emergency source of power, but its primary use is for construction sites. And being near noiseless and emissions-less, it can be used in places with poor ventilation (indoor construction sites to name one) or for nighttime construction at residential areas.

And since Honda still makes traditional gen sets, the eGX’s biggest draw is its compatibility with their GX Series generators. With that, the engine flange mounting holes and shaft dimensions are identical.

Recently, the eGX has also been certified for “commercial grade work equipment,” which means it can now be used on construction sites (and even some households). It will be sold initially in Japan with markets such as Europe and the U.S. to follow.

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