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January 27, 2022

For P 929K, Mitsubishi Motors PH Is Offering This Limited Edition Mirage G4 GLS Sport

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) today introduced the Mirage G4 GLS Sport as a limited edition to its sub-compact’s lineup.

The current generation of the Mirage G4 was locally revealed in August of last year and was noted for its updated styling featuring the sharp “dynamic shield” front face plus interior refinements such as the new 7-inch Smartphone-link Display Audio (SDA) system which has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

This latest addition however caters to Filipino customers who are looking for added flair from Mitsubishi’s 4-door sedan but still value reliability and efficiency. The enhancements include:
  • Under Grille Garnish with Chrome Line
  • Front Air Dam
  • Rear Air Dam
  • Rear Lip Spoiler
  • Side Air Dam

“We make a conscious effort to listen to our market and pair it with continuous product development. These help us better understand and live up to the expectations of our Filipino customers,” Mr. Takeshi Hara, President and CEO, referring to MMPC’s inspiration in coming up with the limited edition GLS Sport. “The Mirage G4 has always been an embodiment of dynamism, which is why we fondly associate it to be ‘Game For Anything’ much like the personality of its owner. With this newest iteration, Mitsubishi wishes to reach out to every type of customer that there is. We want to give them options that best represent their individuality so they get to experience what we mean by ‘Life Made Better’.”

Only 300 units of this limited edition model will be in the market. It retails for P 929,000 and is available in three colors which are Titanium Gray Metallic, Red Metallic and Cool Silver Metallic. A 2-year free PMS package with sanitation service also comes as standard for every purchase until the end of February.


  1. If it still has the same engine, it is still better to buy the Vios or the City. Nice try Mitsubishi Phils., but no thanks.

  2. For the same 1.2 engine, just buy the Toyota Raize (1.2 NA engine), the Honda Brio, or the Suzuki Swift. Much better hp and torque for a more affordable price. Nice try Mitsubishi Phils., but no thanks.

  3. For that cost, just add a little and you will have a Geely Coolray base model than this unit. Honda City is waiving.....=)

  4. Nissan Almera is waiving as well.....hahaha

  5. Take your pick, folks:

    Let Mitsubishi stop local manufacturing of Mirage G4 and import Attrage instead (so that prices go down,) or continue local production at outrageous prices?

    Pick your poison.

    1. They should price it well or it won't sell. They can follow Toyota's scheme with the vios instead.

    2. Here's a funny thing. Is Mitsubishi on a rainbow dreamland, with that sky-high pricing? What do they think of their customers, some people that they think they don't know anything and were just born yesterday?

      With that outrageous pricing, they either price it well (based on specs) or better stop local manufacturing of Mirage G4 if they can't make up their mind on how to spec their cars well. Don't they know Filipinos are extremely price-sensitive?

      Suzuki Dzire AGS is on 700k and specced even better than this Mirage. (Heck, it's even specced better than their own Ciaz which is more expensive for the less features.) Even Toyota's Vios are so much better. They better stop Mirage local manufacturing if they can't spec and price it right, and just do as nearly every PH car manufacturer do: import cars. (Because our country is a hopeless case in car manufacturing.)

  6. At that price you can definitely get more value from you money say an ertiga, a second hand mid sized suv, add a little more and you can buy a geely coolray, or the kaicene cx70

  7. agree with all the comments. eh di wow! what is mitsu thinking? that car buyers are dumb or uninformed about (other) car products. their g4 is already expensive as it is, for a measly 3 cylinder 77 hp. what is that expression or phrase, "in your dreams/dream on".

  8. Mitsubishi Phils., as you can see in the comments above, the Mirage G4 is both inferior and overpriced. Just do the ff please: either sell the G4 AT A MUCH LOWER PRICE, or GIVE THE VEHICLE A MORE POWERFUL ENGINE and MAKE THE ABS & EBD STANDARD AMONG ALL VARIANTS.

  9. Mitsubishi, listen. With that price, we could already have a fully-loaded crossover. If I would price that barebones car variant you specced, it should sit at PHP 600k above.

    Or, i'd rather drive a Toyota Wigo manual or even a beleaguered used Suzuki Alto than that locally-made MitsubiCheap crap.


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