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January 21, 2022

Ford Reveals Key Specs, Features Of Next-Generation 2022 Ranger's Cargo Box

Leading up to the global launch of the next-generation Ranger, Ford is starting to reveal more details about its much-awaited pickup truck. After glossing over the technical details during its global reveal, the Blue Oval is now giving would-be buyers some important factoids surrounding the truck’s versatility, particularly when it comes to its cargo hauling capability and versatility.

For starters, Ford has revealed the cargo bed’s dimensions. During the reveal, Ford already said that it’s 50 mm wider than the current model enabling it to fit a standard European pallet between the wheel arches (1,200 x 800 mm). Now, we know that the exact measurement is 1,224 mm—85 mm wider than the current Ranger. Meanwhile, the load box itself runs anywhere between 1,544 mm to 2,305 mm in length, depending on the variant. Total load capacity is set at 1,233 liters which is best-in-class says the carmaker.

Shown on the Wildtrak, one of the five confirmed global variants, the Ranger will also have an internal rail with spring-loaded, adjustable cleats, something Ford seemed to have copied from the current Navara PRO-4X. The cleats slide and lock into nine locations along the rail and supplement the six fixed tie-down points.

The Wildtrak’s drop-in bedliner incorporates functional divider locators so that owners can create their own compartments to store gear. Dividers can be custom-made from wood at home and then installed and removed as required. As a bonus, the improved and wider molded profile on the bedliner is more comfortable on your knees, is much easier to clean and also means items are less likely to slip around. It also features a durable plastic box top and tailgate capping which protects the load box edges and tailgate upper edge from any scuffing or scratching. This box top also contains removable plastic caps which reveal structural attachment points for aftermarket accessories such as canopies or crossbars.

Oh, and yes, it will also have an optional powered roller shutter too.

Meanwhile, for Ranger owners who plan to use the truck as a workhorse, it will come with a rear load box access step, load box lighting, and an easy-lift tailgate. The tailgate surface itself doubles as a work bench and for that, there are two clamp pockets concealed by spring-loaded caps and a built-in ruler even on models without the drop-in bedliner.

For campers and overlanders, the Ranger’s roof can accommodate 350 kilograms (static) and 85 kilograms (dynamic). While, at cargo box, it will come with either a 400-watt or 12-volt socket. With the 400-watt capacity, it can power small appliances such as a rice cooker or even a 24-inch LED TV/media player combo. Heck, Ford’s even provided for enough room to fit a second battery and comes pre-wired with auxiliary switches just like the current FX4 MAX.

Inside, the under-seat storage beneath the rear seats allows for “over-filling” of the bins while still allowing the seats to be dropped in place. The rear seats also fold perfectly flat allowing for you to carry more gear.

The next-generation Ford Ranger is expected to roll off the production line by the middle of the year. With that, it should arrive in the Philippines by the third or last quarter of 2022.

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