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January 17, 2022

This Car Company Is Giving Its SUVs A Free "Mud Wash" Because Owners Aren't Off-Roading Enough

Dacia is giving owners of its Duster crossover a free “mud wash” in the U.K. because they found out that a vast majority of owners don’t go off-road at all.

Swapping water for mud is part of Dacia’s marketing campaign for its Duster SUV. They found out that in a poll of 1,000 city-dwelling 4x4 owners, 40 percent of drivers have never taken their car off road; while a further 19 percent admit they’ve never even driven their 4x4 down a dirt track. The closest thing to off-roading owners have done, according to the survey, is negotiating humps on the school run (67 percent).

Since the new year is all about resolutions, the same poll said 46 percent of owners would like to go on a road trip with their 4x4, with 17 percent wishing they could be more adventurous with their SUVs.

For that 17 percent, Dacia’s self-proclaimed “anti-clean team” will liberally and skillfully apply mud to cover the lower body and wheel arches. The end result, Dacia hopes, would be “immediate bragging rights.”

The Dacia Duster, available in both 4x2 and 4x4 configurations, is currently Europe’s best-selling SUV. It has sold more than 1.9 million units since 2019.

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