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Thursday, January 27, 2022

As 2023 CX-50 Rolls Off Production Line, Mazda Confirms It Will Use Toyota Hybrid Technology

Barely two months after it was first shown, Mazda has started product of its North American exclusive CX-50 at its newly built plant in Alabama.

The new plant, named Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., is jointly constructed with Toyota Motor Corporation. It marks Mazda’s return to U.S. manufacturing decades after it ceased its joint venture with Ford.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing began four years ago with the announcement of a USD 1.6 billion plant with an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles per year, evenly split between the two automakers. Since then, the total investment in the joint venture rose to USD 2.3 billion after the automakers added USD 830 million to the price tag in 2020 for more machinery and training.

The additional investment, Mazda said, allows for production line modifications for the Mazda and Toyota vehicles being built there.

While the Corolla Cross and CX-50 are not related, the two automakers said they are working together on parts procurement and other efficiencies.

Mazda considers the U.S. as its single most important market, and the company has engaged in initiatives to strengthen its presence there. Part of that initiative is the expansion of its manufacturing footprint as well as the launch of products which are catered to meet the needs and lifestyle of the North American customer such as the CX-50.

Positioned above the CX-5 in both size and price, the CX-50 is positioned as a rugged adventure vehicle compared with the more city-friendly CX-5, which was freshened recently, and will remain in production. The CX-50 will also have an interior that’s reflective of the brand’s aspirations to move upmarket with features including the brand’s first-ever panoramic sunroof.

Moreover, Mazda has confirmed that the CX-50 will be their first full hybrid. It will use technology sourced from Toyota. Toyota is a global leader in hybrids and has shared its technology with other automotive partners, such as Subaru.

The Mazda CX-50 will remain exclusive for the North America market, although two new SUVs, from the so-called Large Product group, the CX-60 and CX-80 are destined to arrive in the global market space in the next two years.


  1. Very nice and unselfish of Toyota to share its hybrid technology with other Japanese carmakers such as Mazda and Subaru.😊👏👍
    - Mark J.

  2. sir uly, how big is cx-60 gonna be? i really want this cx-50, perfect for its size and quality sucks its only for NA.

  3. Nice gameplan Mazda. Rebadge an Isuzu, borrow tech from Toyota, exaggerate claims of the disappointing skyactiv x. What's next? just stick to making good cars with competitive prices. I know the quality is there but Mazda invest more in PR. Save the money for press to lower you price. Mazda doesn't have an identity.


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