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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Toyota Actually Listened To Us And Fixed The Corolla Cross's Design

When the Toyota Corolla Cross made its debut in the Philippines, we were the only one brave enough to call the design, “sloppy.” Naturally, we knew Toyota Motor Philippines got hurt, and so a year on, they wouldn’t lend us the keys to their crossover. But we don’t mind, because secretly behind all that hurt, they listened. And what you see here is how the Corolla Cross looks like for the North American market.

As a refresher, we didn’t have any issue with the Corolla Cross’s guppy face; it’s starting to grow on us, actually. What we didn’t like is the say the rear badge is positioned. It’s positioned in the middle of the tailgate garnish, perhaps to emulate the Fortuner. The execution was just plain terrible though. It was so bad, we called it a prime candidate for de-badging.

Well, it seems Toyota (at least Toyota USA) recognized it too and when the Corolla Cross made the trip across the Pacific, they’ve actually moved the badge to a proper place. If you can’t see it in the photo above, check it up close below.

Aside from the re-located and better integrated badge, the North American Corolla Cross gets a different engine too. It’s a 2.0-liter Dynamic Force 4-cylinder—the same one in the Toyota C-HR and Lexus UX and for that, it gets 169 horsepower. It’s still mated to a CVT though, but if its performance in the Lexus UX is any indication, it’s pretty good. Oh, and it gets the option of all-wheel drive.

Opting for the all-wheel drive swaps the rear torsion beam for an independent rear suspension, and adds Dynamic Torque Control system that can direct up to 50 percent of power to the rear wheels when it’s needed—and disengages completely when it’s not.

Also standard is an electronic parking brake (EPB). Other features in the North American Corolla Cross include a power moonroof, single or dual-zone climate control, a power tailgate, and a 9-speaker JBL audio system.

Thank you, Toyota, for actually listening to our criticism. Now, if you’d please, perhaps you can also fix the rear badge of the current Hilux Conquest. People don’t see it, but it still irks us every time seeing the words, “Toyota,” “Hilux,” and “V” all not aligned—like they were slapped on by drunk workers.


  1. In Thailand where the Toyota Corolla Cross is sourced, there are 3 hybrid variants - smart, premium and premium safety. In the Philippines though, there is only one hybrid variant - wondering which is the equivalent from the TH offerings. I placed a reservation here in BKK for the premium safety variant and awaiting delivery.

  2. sounds like cg is bitter..

  3. I am not sure but since this is a "tweak" in the design of the Corolla Cross for the US Market, I don't think it had anything to do with an Asian reviewer.
    Don't they always change or alter things even of the same model to cater to different markets, especially if they can manufacturer it locally for that specific market?
    Most likely it was Toyota USA Executives who gave their input to alter it. Don't think they market tested it and got motoring journalists' opinions as they usually cover up the exterior bodywork when road testing, correct?
    So... I think it is a bit of a stretch to say Toyota "listened"


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