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January 24, 2022

The 2022 Toyota Raize Is Safer For Adults In A Crash Than The All-New Honda Civic

The Toyota Raize scored a five-star safety rating at the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program or ASEAN NCAP. Tested as the Perodua Ativa, its name for the Malaysian market, the Raize scored perfect despite being tested under the tougher 2021-2025 protocols.

The Raize/Ativa tested at the ASEAN NCAP is the 1.0 Turbo CVT. Like the Philippine version, it carries the same gamut of 6 SRS airbags as well as a platform constructed of lightweight high-strength steel.

In terms of Adult Occupancy Protection or AOP, the Raize scored 37.48 out of 40. Despite its small stature, it performed well in the frontal offset test where the SUV’s crash structure remained stable. It also showed adequate protection to the front passenger chest and lower leg areas. In this regard, it managed to outscore the Honda Civic (36.59), itself rated 5-stars, under the new testing protocols.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Child Occupancy Protection or COP, the Raize managed a 17.36 out of 20 percent. In terms of safety assist technologies or SAT, the Raize scored 18.57 out of 20. However, it must be said that the Malaysian-spec model does have Autonomous Emergency Braking or AEB as well as Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist—things that the Philippine-spec Raize won’t have. Without these advanced driver assist features, the rating would drop to 10 out of 20.

Still, despite the lack of driver assist technologies for the Philippine market Raize, the ASEAN NCAP did give it full marks for its blind spot detection system which can detect a motorcyclist about 10 meters behind the vehicle traveling within three meters to either the left or right side. This gave the Raize an 8 out of 16 in Motorcyclist Safety.

All in all, the Raize still managed an 83.40 out of 100 percent rating. Even when discounting the lack of AEB, LDW, and LKA, it’s still enough for a 74.84 out of 100—enough for a 4-star rating.

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  1. This is good news for would-be owners of the Raize 😊
    - Mark J.


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