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January 17, 2022

Peugeot PH To Open 7 Dealerships, Launch 3 New Models By End 2022

Peugeot in the Philippines hopes to gain momentum into 2022. Newly minted distributor, Astara reveals bullish plans for the French auto brand in the country during the launch of their first offering, the refreshed 2022 Peugeot 5008.

Formerly known as Bergé Auto, Astara is one of the biggest automotive distributors both in Europe and Latin America. Since its inception in 1979, the company carried out a successful path as a leading group in distribution and mobility services. Astara is instrumental in the selling of over three million cars as strategic partner of the world’s leading automotive groups.

Currently, Astara offers a whole range of products and services focused on mobility, such as ownership, subscription, B2B and B2C, and new channels—business styles they plan to roll out in the Philippines. In turn, these businesses are supported by a self-developed digital platform, which allows interaction with customers throughout the different steps in their journey.

The takeover of the Peugeot brand ushers Astara’s expansion in Asia.

“Having just celebrated our tenth anniversary in the Philippines, we are energized to continue building our momentum in the country through our great vehicles and after-sales service offerings with Astara as our partner,” Peugeot Philippines Brand Head Maricar Parco said.

“Our investment will help infuse a renewed sense of vigor for Peugeot Philippines and its patrons, creating a more purposeful brand that resonates to the Philippine market,” Peugeot Philippines Managing Director Raoul Picello said. “We hope that, as we move forward and grow together, these exciting changes can help us meet the ever-changing needs of Filipinos.”

Picello confirmed that plans are already underway for franchise dealerships to adopt a top-down digitalization and new global branding by the second half of 2022. In addition, they plan to expand their dealership network by opening seven new outlets bringing their total to 11 by the end of the year.

In terms of products, Peugeot Philippines has confirmed that it will launch three other vehicles this year which will join the Peugeot 5008.

Although nothing was confirmed during the virtual presser, Christophe Musy, Stellantis’s Senior Vice-President for ASEAN and General Distributors markets has revealed that these vehicles will be sourced from Gurun, Malaysia.

A quick check reveals that aside from the 5008, Peugeot’s regional production hub also produces the 2008 (lead photo) and 3008. The last vehicle could either by the 308 or the Landtrek pickup truck, both of which were spotted being tested in the vicinity of the Stellantis plant.


  1. For sure 2008 is next since it's Recently launched in Thailand and Malaysia is next.

    Hope they price it below 1.5M so it can compete against HRV, CX-30 and XV.

    1. Refreshed 3008 was actually launched ahead...and for sure it's tooled for LHD (pre-facelifted 3008 was sourced from Malaysia too). Depending on remaining stock of 3008, they might go for that or go 2008.

      Hopefully they're able to make the 2008 competitive. The last time it was here, it cost P 1.390M and it was barely speced.

    2. But 2008 is now ASEAN made right? Then it should get favourable tax rates too? 1.2turbo engine.

      Hopefully it all adds up to a lower price. One can wish.

    3. Yes, it's now ASEAN made. They'll likely remain at the price point though given the brand's positioning, but be fully loaded. And yes, the engine is the 1.2-liter PureTech that you mentioned. 130 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque.

    4. Exciting times, keep us posted when they release more details on their business plan. These new cars won't mean much if they won't be for long and not have a good network to support it.

  2. 2008 and Landtrek would sell lots of units if marketed and priced well.

  3. I hope they bring in the all-new 308

  4. Main problem of Peugeot in the Philippines is the Selling price. No matter what Cars they introduce to the market it won't succeed. All Carmakers are almost the same in Quality. It's down to brand preferences and Price.

  5. How about the pms guys? Is it expensive or same with other car brands here like honda, mitsu?


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