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January 27, 2022

Ford Philippines Announces New Leadership Changes

Ford Philippines has announced new appointments and role expansion of its executives, effective January 1, 2022.

Patrick Manigbas (left of lead photo) has been appointed director, Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD), leading Ford’s after-sales and service business in the Philippines. Manigbas was previously director, Marketing, and has joined Ford Philippines in 2019 as marketing manager for its Truck business. He replaced Joyce Laxamana, who has assumed a new regional role in dealer operations in Ford’s International Markets Group, based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Taking on the role of director, Marketing, is Kathleen Lanot-Kuan (center of lead photo), leading Ford’s overall marketing operations in the country, with particular focus on digital platforms and engagements. Lanot-Kuan joined Ford Philippines in 2017 and has performed roles in Communications and Brand Marketing over the last five (5) years.

Communications director EJ Francisco (right of lead photo) is also taking on an expanded role in the Ford ASEAN region as lead for Communications, Asia Pacific Distributor Markets (APDM). Aside from the Philippines, Francisco will lead communication efforts for Ford’s 24 distributor markets in APDM, including Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Myanmar, among others.

“These appointments come in at a perfect time at the start of the new year as we continue to sustain the momentum into 2022, with our people as our key strength and competitive advantage,” shares Michael Breen, managing director, Ford Philippines. “At Ford, we put focus on talent development and ensure that we have a wide range of career opportunities available to our employees where their skills and potentials will be maximized. We take great pride in our people as they drive the success of our business.”


  1. Ford sucks. Personally had terrible experiences with them. Sold that garbage unit immediately

  2. I would rather walk than get a ford.

    1. Haha nice one!

      I made it a mission to convince at least my friends and colleagues not to buy ford.

  3. I just bought a garbage ford territory TX model 2024, and their team of st@#$d mechanics can not fix the problem for almost a month now - probably no fix at all, lemon may be. The service manager just keep on making up alibis, and all of them were lies anyway. After sales service is pain in the butt, bs you'll be on your own after they sell you the crap car,
    lol. Shout out to Mike Breen (Ford Philippines managing director) for being blind of what is going on around him. Hope DTI Fair Trade Enforcement department will step in.


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