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January 21, 2022

Honda Wants To Tap A Younger Audience For Acura Brand With New Anime Series (w/ Video)

Honda’s premium automotive division, Acura, is targeting younger buyers with the release of their first-ever anime series: Chiaki’s Journey.

Chiaki’s Journey chronicles the adventures of Chiaki, a young driving protégé and her uncle, Noboru. When emotions heat up at the local racetrack between Chiaki and her nemesis Erich Kang, Noboru steps in and mentors Chiaki, as she prepares to put her family legacy on the line in the biggest race of her life.

The anime series stars the trio of Acura Type S models—the MDX Type S three-row SUV, the TLX Type S sports sedan, and of course, the Acura NSX Type S.

Chiaki’s Journey was developed with agency partner Mullen Lowe Los Angeles. All four episodes can be viewed below as well as the trailer.

Chiaki’s Journey is set to music by Japanese all-female metal band, NEMOPHILA, featuring their track, “Raitei.” Based in Tokyo, NEMOPHILA’s star continues to rise offering fans a mixture of various musical styles ranging from rock to grunge.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey Trailer

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey Volume 1

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey Volume 2

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey Volume 3

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey Volume 4

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