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January 11, 2022

The Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Is, Unsurprisingly, A Crossover

Mitsubishi has now uncovered their Vision Ralliart Concept, and prepare those sad trombone noises because it’s not an Evo revival that everyone thought. It’s a crossover.

According to Mitsubishi, the concept car expresses the “new Ralliart” and offers “elevated acceleration, cornering, and braking in all road and weather conditions.”

The Vision Ralliart Concept looks to be based off the Outlander PHEV, but Mitsubishi has not confirmed that fact. Still, they have said that it comes with a sportier 4-wheel control tuning, enhanced battery capacity, and a higher motor output (likely pointing to the electric motors).

To match its high driving performance, the Vision Ralliart Concept has a wide stance and is equipped with 22-inch large-diameter wheels and tires. Large brake discs with 6-pot brake calipers are adopted to provide improved braking performance which matches the powerful torque of the motors.

The exterior features bold, muscular styling created by the front and rear bumpers with functional beauty, and the large, widened front and rear over fenders. The front grille with a radiator shutter and the large rear diffuser emphasizes the sportiness of the model. The matte black body color shows blue highlights when hit by light, creating a deep, multidimensional expression that enhances the vehicle’s high-quality feel.

Although it is a concept car, customer feedback on Vision Ralliart Concept will be used in future development of Mitsubishi vehicles.


  1. Can mitsubishi move on from that front end design? Its overused. Montero, Xpander, Mirage, Outlander and now that. They all look the same. Its starting to get annoying.

  2. Well it looks good. It's not annoying. Good job Mitsubishi 👍
    - from someone who is not really a fan of Mitsubishi vehicles

  3. Prepare the happy trombone noises! I am so happy that I love the design of this.

  4. I wish this new Outlander with Gas Fed will arrive soon. It would give the CRv and RAV4 a run of it's money.


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