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May 3, 2024

Dongfeng Philippines Launches 5 New Products, Reveals New Management

Dongfeng Motors (DFM) Philippines has a lot of new things to share—a new management team, a new campaign, and not just one but five new vehicles for the local market.

DFM Philippines has a new management team comprised of industry veterans led by its new Managing Director, Atty. Albert Arcilla. Arcilla is no stranger to the automotive industry having handled brands like Volvo, Chevrolet, and KGM Mobility. He is joined by the Chairman of Legado Motors, Governor Luis Chavit Singson, along with the Board and Executive officers, led by its President and CEO, Wilbert Lim, and Deputy CEO, Brennan Singson Lim. Lim was joined by DFM co-distributors Dexter Co and Rachel Villanueva from Autoflare, and Dr. Jose and Dra. Juanita Chua from Dreamcar Unlimited.

At the same time, DFM Philippines launched their new campaign—Drive Your Friend. Prior to the event, the new models and campaign were teased in anonymous billboards displayed around Metro Manila featuring a chat group of friends with names like Rich, Nanie, Nammie, Hugo, Tori, Margo, Fred, and Hero planning their next road trip.

The barkada’s mysterious conversation—which drew the attention of netizens and content creators in numerous posts online—set the tone for the “Drive Your Friend” campaign and highlighted the different personalities embodied by DFM’s new models.

During the night, DFM Philippines launched five new vehicles alongside the previously-launched Aeolus Huge, Forthing Friday, and Nanobox.

The DFM Nammi is the brand’s compact electric vehicle ideal for fashionable daily city driving. With a maximum range of 430 kilometers and a 30-minute fast-charging capability, the Nammi comes with a price tag of only P 1,238,000.

The Aeolus Mage takes the spotlight as DFM’s active crossover SUV. Combining a sporty appearance and spacious interior with a 13.2-inch Super HD touchscreen display and gamepad multi-functional steering wheel, the Mage is powered by the 1.5-liter MachPower Turbo engine. It is priced at only P 1,249,000.

Meanwhile, the new Rich 7 pickup truck showcases a 2.3-liter turbo diesel engine with front and rear differential locks, an Off-Road Protection Frame with Off-Road Info Displays, and 540-degree cameras. The product of a joint venture with Nissan, the Rich series brings technology to the fore in a heavy-duty package starting from P 1,298,000.

The Forthing U-Tour MPV likewise takes centerstage with its yacht-like interior, spacious seating capacity for the whole family, and luxury amenities like captain seats. Served up in a 1.5-liter turbocharged gas engine that produces 197 horsepower and 285Nm of torque. This bang-for-the-buck package is available starting at P 1,358,000.

Heralding DFM’s commitment to pushing technology, the fully-electric military-inspired MHero SUV packs a punch with its smart off-road architecture, intelligent cockpit design, and a 500-kilometer range. Its engine produces a staggering 1,000 horsepower with rear-wheel steering. Priced from P 6,980,000, the MHero is designed for adventurers who want flexibility and flare on and off the road.

“Within just six months of operations, Dongfeng Motors has successfully penetrated the Philippine market, established a strong presence and gaining traction among consumers,” shared Mr. Brennan Lim, Deputy CEO of Legado Motors, Inc (LMI).

“Despite being a new player in the industry, our sales performance has exceeded expectations, demonstrating the market’s positive reception of the Dongfeng Motors brand,” he added.

“Dongfeng Philippines is offering the widest variety of propulsion choices to Filipino customers who may or may not be ready for that radical switch to electric just yet. This has enabled us at Dongfeng Philippines to choose the most suitable body-powertrain combinations for our local conditions and market preferences, resulting in one of the widest segment coverages of any new brand in the Philippines,” he said.

For his part, Atty. Arcilla reiterated the brand’s commitment to strong after sales support, saying, “For Dongfeng automobiles to enable and support the pursuits of our clients, it works to excel in the various areas of its operations by taking critical steps to ensure the ownership experience by establishing an efficient aftersales support group that will be responsible for the technical requirements and parts availability for all vehicles sold in the Philippines.”

The new DFM models can be viewed at showrooms in Pasig, Alabang, Cavite, Marcos Highway. Pampanga, and Tarlac.


  1. Oh it’s the same attorney, so so after-sales services again

  2. Most china cars looks good, but dongfeng looks ugly specially at the front

  3. What the hell! This Legal Man is the guy that brought down the Chevrolet brand and kill just months of Launching the Resurrected Ssangyong KGM brand it just vanished away! Like it never touched down in our shores. Despite his good performance with MG image he is not a Good salesman and a team leader . Manong Chavit will regret hiring him.

  4. Very good new vehicle lineup of Dongfeng in the Philippine market
    Well priced vehicles indeed
    They need to open at least five or six dealerships in Visayas and Mindanao

  5. Questions:
    Is the Rich 7 on leaf or coil springs?
    Do the crossovers have DCT?

  6. One of the problems that plague the Philippine automotive industry is that brands rely only in a few group of people that sucks at their job. Why don't they hire nee blood who had the passion and not puro pr. You know who I'm talking about the fashionista girl, the pr atty, the island boy etc. The Japanese keeps on changing the guard so they can develop new talent not rehire rotten eggs

    1. They should hire people who were graduate of business courses for better business strategy. No offense, but as what we have seen - some lawyers not good at running a business.

  7. Are saying this Legal guy is no longer connected with a Swedish brand

  8. No more at Volvo. This lawyer was dropped by his Boss due to the poor handling of Chevy brand.


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