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May 3, 2018

BYD Philippines Offers All-In Lowdown or Zero Percent Interest to Combat TRAIN

Solar Transport and Automotive Resources (STAR) Corporation, the exclusive distributor of BYD vehicles in the country announces low all-in or 0 percent interest on some of its vehicles to negate the price increase brought about by TRAIN.

The BYD S7 GS-I 2.0 TID DCT, the brand’s three-row mid-sized SUV can now be had with an all-in low downpayment of P 249,000 (based on 30 percent downpayment computation). After which, the monthly amortization can be stretched up to 4 years with monthly payments of P 33,388.

For those who can stretch their budget a bit further, the same S7 can be had with a zero percent financing based on a 3-year amortization term. It brings the monthly payment to just P 22,289 assuming a P 824,000 downpayment is made (50 percent downpayment computation).

Meanwhile, those in the market for a small SUV may find the S1 GLX-I 1.5 DCT a bit more tempting this time around. With a low all-in downpayment of P 149,000 (based on 30 percent downpayment computation), it brings down the monthly amortization to just P 21,637. Opting for the MT model brings the downpayment to P 139,000 with a monthly amortization of just P 18,598 for 4 years.

If your cash flow is better, the S1 may be had with a 50 percent downpayment (P 534,000) and zero percent interest with a payment term of up to 3 years (P 14,834 per month). The same offer is available for the MT variant which means you can drive home an S1 with a downpayment of P 459,000 and a 3-year monthly payment of P 12,750.

All offers from BYD include: 5-years PMS change oil package, 3-years LTO registration, 1-year comprehensive insurance, chattel mortgage, car tint, and matting.

In the light of TRAIN’s more favorable excise tax rate towards hybrids and EVs, BYD Philippines has decided to discontinue its other models for now. However, they’ll be bringing in hybrids and EVs in the coming months.


  1. Id rather pay extra tax than drive around with that thing.

    1. Bakit naman? maganda naman ang BYD, nakapag drive na ako.


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