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May 10, 2018

Ford Extends Free First Month Amortization Promo

Save up to P 32,000 worth of monthly amortization fee on your next Ford car as Ford Philippines continues to offer this May its free first month amortization promo for select variants of its three best-selling vehicles: the Ford Everest, the Ford Ranger, and the Ford EcoSport.

Customers purchasing the Everest 2.2L Ambiente 4x2 MT or the Ranger 2.2L XLT 4x2 MT or the EcoSport 1.5L Ambiente MT on a 5-year financing term can continue to avail of the free first month amortization promo until May 31, 2018.

Those availing of the Everest 2.2L Ambiente 4x2 MT on a 60-month financing term can save up to P 32,000 worth of monthly amortization fee. Customers purchasing the Ranger 2.2L XLT 4x2 MT on an all-in low downpayment of P 68,000 are entitled to free first month amortization fee of almost P 24,000 on a 5-year financing term, or a P 50,000 cash discount for customers paying in full. On the other hand, those buying the EcoSport 1.5L Ambiente MT on a 5-year financing term can save up to P 18,000 worth of monthly amortization fee with an all-in low downpayment of P 48,000.

Aside from the extension of the free first month amortization offer, customers can also avail of a better deal for the Ford Everest. The Ford Everest 2.2L Trend 4x2 AT is also now available at an all-in downpayment of P 68,000 or P 16,758 low monthly fee, or P 110,000 cash discount.

Ford is also offering free 2-year worry-free service for customers purchasing any EcoSport variant as part of its commitment to enhance the ownership and after-sales experience.

“This merry month of May, customers can continue to seize our great deals that will allow them to have their very own Ford vehicle in the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient of terms. Our free first month amortization offer will give our customers big savings which they can use for other important purchases, while those who have been wanting to get a Ford Everest can take advantage of lower all-in downpayment, lower monthly fee, or higher cash discount available only this month,” said Rodel Gallega, vice president for marketing and sales, Ford Philippines.

All all-in packages include free 3-year LTO registration, 1-year comprehensive insurance, and chattel mortgage fees.


  1. Lol, the bank interest will eat all of that up and more. A 1.5m worth car loaned with a 5 year bank term will have an interest of 22% or 336k. Factored with the depreciated value of the vehicle after 5 years, which is 40% of the new purchase price. Don't forget the 5 years worth of gas, maintenance and insurance money, you'll lose a lot of money. Well, it's your money anyway and you're free to do anything you want with it. It's just financial heads up that don't buy one unless you can really afford it.

    1. Very Mukhang Pera ManMay 10, 2018 at 10:05 AM

      And what do you propose we do instead? Buy using cash?

      Buying with cash is for, dare I say it, morons.

      Buying with low dp promos while using the balance to buy Series F SMC preferred shares (6.8% per annum yield) to offset the interest is the smart way to do it.

    2. No, the smartest thing to do is directly apply for bank loan for 20% DP at a 5 year term. In that way, you can minimize the huge interest of in house financing while retaining your financial flexibility.

    3. The best way is still cash. In that way, I don't pay interest and the yearly inflation rate is lower than the high bank interest anyway. Or you can dp 50% and put the other 50% in bluechip stocks. Win win solution.

    4. There are a lot of better stocks than SMC.

  2. You will not be allowed to own a car if you are not a cash buyer..tignan natin kung di luluwag ang kalsada pag may sadistang batas gaya nito. Haha.


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