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May 6, 2018

Isuzu Philippines Tours RZ4E-equipped mu-X and D-Max at a Mall Near You

This Summer, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), takes its newest product offering: the RZ4E-equipped mu-X and D-Max on a nationwide tour until June 13.

The event dubbed as “2018 Isuzu Nationwide Mall Tour,” highlights the 1.9-liter RZ4E-equipped mu-X and D-Max X-Series. It will be present in the following malls:
  • SM City Cebu - May 1-6, 2018
  • SM Bacoor - May 2-8, 2018
  • Robinsons Butuan - May 7-12, 2018
  • SM City Seaside - May 7-13, 2018
  • SM City Lipa - May 9-14, 2018
  • SM Megamall - May 10-16, 2018
  • SM Downtown Premier - May 15-21, 2018
  • SM Center Lemery - May 16-22, 2018
  • SM North EDSA - May 17-23, 2018
  • SM City Bacolod - May 18-24, 2018
  • SM City General Santos - May 25-31, 2018
  • SM City Iloilo - May 28-June 3, 2018
  • SM Tuguegarao - May 28-June 3, 2018
  • SM Cauayan - May 28-June 3, 2018
  • SM Cabanatuan - June 7-13, 2018
  • Robinsons Place Pangasinan - June 7-13, 2018
  • SM Mall of Asia - June 7-13, 2018
  • SM Pampanga - June 7-13, 2018 
“Our corporate philosophy is built on trust and to provide quality products and high-level of customer service. This mall tour display would allow us to showcase our capabilities and to reach out to potential customers who are looking for a vehicle that would provide a long-term deal,” said Hajime Koso, President of Isuzu Philippines Corporation.

“We are not giving them an option but rather a long-term perception about what Isuzu brand is. The nationwide mall tour is the result of our commitment in bringing our customers closer to us,” adds Koso.

“Some of our buyers became our friends and loyal customers. We are happy that we have that kind of relationship and now part of their growing family,” Koso said. 


  1. People who will be gawking at these units will consist mostly of OFWs, taga bukid, noobs, and badly dressed middle aged men.

    1. @Anonymous 12:43 PM
      Wala kang pakialam kung gusto nilang bumili nun, pera nila un! Kung ayaw mo, bumili ka ng sasakyan mong "Sosyal"!, kung may pambili ka! You just keep on criticizing other people and their likes whereas you don't have really money to buy car! Ikaw ung noob, stupid mo pa!

    2. Don't worry it's just a spare change for them. They probably drive LC back abroad.

    3. @Anonymous 6:35 PM
      So based on your observation and "fact" it means that those who bought this mu-x are "noob" also, you said that right? Like you noob, dumb and stupid! Haha! You must not included "noob" so that I haven't criticized you!

    4. Those who bought? WTF are you talking about? You must be some next level moron. I said GAWKING. G-A-W-K-I-N-G. Wala akong sinabing na bibili o bumili na sila. Sabi kasi sa article for display ang MUX. Kumuha ka ng dictionary at hanapin mo ang meaning nito. Kahiya hiya ka naman.

      Just goes to show kung anong klaseng mga tao ang nagtatanggol ng ganitong sasakyan. Maski simpleng English di alam. Dapat nag aral ka ng mabuti nung English class mo sa elementary.

    5. I don't care if you call me embarrassing, moron, whatever, my point is, stop criticizing other people and call them noob! Ikaw ang mas kahiya hiya, makapanlait ka, akala mo kung sino kang magaling! May pambili ka ba? Talagang pinairal mo talaga pride mo ah, dami mo pang sinasabi jan ah pati usapan iniba mo na! You're stupid, noob, dumb and also a moron with higer level than me!

    6. What a noob. Napahiya ka. Kaya pala galit na galit ka, natamaan ka pala. Noob s*** ka kahit ano pang sabihin mo, kahit ipasa mo pa sa akin klarong klaro kahit ibang tao makakapansin, ikaw ang nag mukhang walang alam at stupido dito. LOL

    7. Ano ba dindrive mo at sinabi mong pangit ang Isuzu?

    8. Well atleast ito ang implication mo. Na pang tagabukid, OFW, at Noob.

    9. Wala akong sinabi na pangit ang Isuzu ah. San niyo ba nakukuha yan?

      Let's be clear, I am not against Isuzu nor am I in favor of it. I am simply stating my observation. Kahit pa pumunta kayo sa mall displays, ang mga tumitingin mostly yung ma na-enumerate ko. No implications here, just facts.

      And since you asked what I drive, the primary car is a 2014 Forester XT. Ford Focus sport 1.5L ecoboost is the secondary car.

    10. @Anonymous 11:20 AM
      Do you have proof na papansin ako o wala akong alam? Kung magsasalita ka naman, make sure naman na based sa "facts" hindi dahil sa pride or ego mo ma ayaw mo lang magpatalo then you're changing everything. Tumigil ka na kasi, mali kasi mga pinagsasabi mo eh puro ka kasi lait eh tapos magagalit ka pag ikaw naman tinira jan. You know, you just proved that you are stupid, noob, dumb and moron! Everything you've said describes about you. This will be my last word. I'm signing off. Bye!

    11. Proof na wala kang alam? Easy.

      First of all, you don't even know the meaning of the word "gawking".

      Next, you can't fully comprehend what I'm saying. Tulad ngayon, san mo nakuha yung sinabi ko na papansin ka? Magbasa ka kasi ng mabuti.

      Wala din akong binabago sa pinagsasabi ko, no changing topics whatsoever. Ikaw ang may problema, sobrang lawak ng imahinasyon mo at kung saan saan ka nakakapulot ng idea. Ikaw ang nagdadagdag sa mga sinasabi ko eh. Bought daw diba sabi mo? As if naman may sinabi ako na may bumili. Oo bye na, umalis ka na, napahiya ka na eh. Wag ka na magpakita, baka mas lalo pa kitang mapahiya.

    12. Hey, please stop! These lead to NONSENSE topic, argument and conversation, criticizing each other. This section must be related to this article. For the person who posted this comment and reacted so much to the person responded to your comment and caused this NONSENSE topic, you must not have criticized to the persons gawking to this car, then you had included the word "noob". You don't have any basis na tama ang sinabi mo. I think mosts noobs (newbies, hoped you used that word correctly) looked for Toyota since most people believed that Toyota produces very reliable cars plus they have wide range of models. Di ko siya kinakamipihan pero he/she has a point that you must not have criticized other people. Ano po ba kasi ang problema sir/mam?

    13. Wala namang problema. Paulit ulit na lang sinasabi ko, I just stated my observation. I never criticized anybody. Kahit pa pumunta kayo sa mall pag display nitong units, pustahan. I just enumerated people who are likely interested in this type of car.

      You are correct, I used the noob with word newbie in mind.

    14. Stupid autocorrect, just ignore the mistake in English. What I meant to say was that I bet if you go to mall displays, you will see those people I enumerated.

    15. Hey, for the person commented this, please don't be literal! Please do not deny their complains about you just because you did not mentioned those words, "THOSE WORDS". You had criticized their words instead of the meaning of their statements. Magcocomment ka ng ganyan tapos pag inaway ka gagalit ka jan.

    16. Kelan ako nagalit? Kasi nagmura ako? LOL. Nakakatawa. Yung isa nga ang sobrang init ng dugo. Natamaan kasi eh. Halatang noob.

      And why would I deny something that I did not say in the first place? Sila sisihin mo, wag ako. Sila nagbigay ng ibang kahulugan sa sinabi ko.

    17. Hey bro, I'll just ask you. Had you ever driven the mu-x or dmax, either the 1.9 or 3.0? Any feedbacks, if you had driven it?

    18. The dude is just feeling a bit of anxiety lately. There will be no more turbo in 2019 Subaru Forester and Ford Focus will no longer be sold in the US next year. Mu-x on the other hand gets a better engine in its mid cycle refresh.

    19. Forester at Focus DAW..Pretty sure panay utang sa banko yan..

      Madaming naka MU-X na multi millionaires!

      Madami ding naka Forester at Focus na OFW at tiga bukid sa Bulacan,Nueva Ecija at Pampanga kung di ka ba naman t@nga!

    20. Mas engot ka. Eh ano naman kung may MUX na multi millionaire? At ano din kung may focus at forester sa bukid? The point still is that mostly taga bukid, noobs(newbies), OFW and middle aged men (including the so called middle aged "multi millionaires") will still be gawking at mall displays. Sumagot ka naman ng related sa topic. Nawawala ka ata.

    21. *may naka MUX

    22. I do get the point of the thread starter. I can't blame you actually for Isuzu, for the longest time has duped Filipino buyers into buying their inferior products.

      Kung hindi pa nagpatupad ng ban sa Euro 2 engines eh hindi pa mapipilitan yang Isuzu na improve naman kahit paano mga products nila.

    23. Kahit ano pa sabihin niyo. Isuzu products will still be rock solid vehicles that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

    24. Hugas kamay pa yung gago eh. Kitang kita naman ang condescending comments mo about isuzu

    25. Isuzu is a truly 3rd world transporter. They even forced selling remaining non euro 4 units past 2017.Mr "rock solid that will last a lifetime" yan ang mentality natin na kaya until now jeep pa din laman ng kalye. Sobrang babaw at kuntento na sa kung ano meron.

  2. I find it stupid that isuzu's sales slogan for mux is "center of attraction". Why would you want to be seen driving these tractors?
    It actually made gorgeous Maja looking cheap standing next to it.

  3. The most sought after SUV today. Isuzu did it's homework

  4. Sir Uly, is the RZ4E equipped D-max that will be displayed, the true model? I mean, is the D-max they will be diplaying is the unit that they will sell here or just preview similar to your recent article? Hoping for a reply.

  5. The image of Isuzu as a poor man's SUV stuck. It does have a reputation of durable but noisy engines associated with trucks and pick ups. I think it's great to buy Isuzu trucks and pick ups but if you want an SUV buy other brands. Even Isuzu realized this flaw that's why their ads tried hard to project sophistication and class. Sadly, I don't think it's working. I guess Isuzu shouldn't rely too much on the tacky ads.

  6. what the hell hahaha


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